The price indicated below is the price for licensing either Email-to-anything or Q-assign. If you interested in licensing both e2a and Q-assign, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Standard Support
Minimum 10 Users*
Per user per month**
30-day free trial
Billed annually
Email support
1 business day response***
Premium Support
Minimum 10 Users*
Per user per month**
30-day free trial
Billed annually
Email support
4 hour response***
Phone support (call-back)
    * The minimum number of users is 10 and a 10-user starter pack costs $165 per month.
  ** All pricing is quoted in USD.
*** Business hours, not including weekends and bank holidays.


  • Q. Are volume discounts available?
    A. Yes. Please contact us to discuss your use case and licensing requirements and we will be pleased to arrange a quote.
  • Q. Are discounts available for non-profit organizations?
    A. Yes. If you are a non-profit please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.
  • Q. Who needs a license?
    A. Anyone interacting with a record/object which has been created, updated or assigned by an Ortoo product will require a license. This typically includes:
    a. Salesforce Administrators
    b. Sales reps who are processing leads
    c. Agents who are processing cases or tickets
    d. Managers who are using the products to view or adjust settings or to view analytics
  • Q. Can we have less than 10 users?
    The minimum spend is $165 per month. You can have less than 10 users, but you will be granted a 10-user license, so you will have room for expansion before any need to upgrade your license.
  • Q. Can I upgrade to Premier Support at any time?
    A. Yes. In this case we will make a pro-rata calculation based on the time remaining on your existing contract and then the full upgrade will take effect as part of your annual renewal process.
  • Q. Can we purchase additional licenses at any time?
    A. Yes. Again, they can be added on a pro-rata basis to your existing contract. At renewal time all of the licences will be renewed simultaneously.
  • Q. Can we get help configuring our 30-day trial?
    A. Yes. Absolutely. Our support team is on hand to help you configure Email-to-anything or Q-assign to meet your particular use case. In some cases we will be happy to do the full configuration for you. Please reach out directly to Support for assistance with your trial

Question not answered?

If you have any other question whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether it’s a technical question, about pricing or more general questions about your use case, we’d love to hear from you.