Email Distribution Lists In Salesforce, A New Beginning

Salesforce is a gamechanger for the way large organisations communicate and share data. There are so many positive case studies and with new functionality being added all the time it’s easy to think that after 10 years of development the CRM is the complete product. However, from speaking to users it’s clear there are one or two smaller improvements which can still be made. With the most notable one being the ability for users to email Salesforce distribution lists who are outside their list of contacts.

email related people in Salesforce

Limitations of Mass Email In Salesforce

For now, there is no way to email set distribution lists within Salesforce CRM, despite a backlash of users saying this functionality would greatly benefit their organisations. The upside is clear, there are a lot of specific departments who use Salesforce and have their departmental colleagues saved within a contact list who they can readily email. The problem occurs when you may need to email a group of people outside your list of contacts, say a project management team or regional sales team. This functionality doesn’t currently exist within the platform and Salesforce users are having to adopt a workaround using Salesforce Mass Email. The gold standard for email distribution lists so far, is to create a brand-new campaign (which will essentially represent your distribution list) within the Salesforce Campaigns tab.  Then edit the campaign members by dropping in the list of emails you want to be able to contact into the Campaign. Following this you can head on over to contacts and use the ‘filter by campaign box’ to find your newly setup campaign and save the view in your contacts area. Now when you are sending mail via Mass Email in Salesforce, you can select the view you have just saved (the one containing your distribution list) and begin writing your email.

The problem with this workaround – it’s simply too longwinded. We regularly hear feedback from users that email distribution lists in Salesforce should be created and that the following problems are experienced with the current setup:

  • When new members are added to a team or group you manually have to update the list of emails in your active campaign.
  • It’s a regular occurrence that Salesforce users want to contact people who reside outside their list of contacts. Often email addresses placed within Leads or Cases get a high volume of email traffic.
  • In terms of time management, using Mass Email to email curated lists of contacts can add 5-10 minutes of lead time to outgoing communications. A simple distribution list dropdown is needed and should be accessible from multiple places.

Are You Waiting For Email Distribution Lists In Salesforce?

If you think the suggested distribution list functionality in Salesforce would benefit your organisation – you are not alone. Emailing a related peoples list or hand-picked list of emails outside your list of contacts is much needed and that’s why we have decided to create it. We launched our flagship product Email-to-Anything back in 2010 and since then we have continually added new functionality each year. Our latest addition is simply called ‘E2a Distribution lists’ and it works seamlessly within the Email-to-Anything application.

With E2a Distribution lists you can quickly setup multiple distribution lists which you can use later to send group Salesforce emails to. The email addresses within the distribution lists can come from either your existing contacts OR fellow Salesforce users.  The technology users a simple Contacts or Users lookup under the distribution list tool which allows you to pre-select which people you want to add to a single created distribution list. With Distribution Lists you can:

  • Specify the name of each distribution list, for example ‘Sales Team’ or ‘Product Launch – Project’
  • Setup multiple lists and swiftly edit and maintain the accuracy of those lists
  • Select your chosen distribution list when creating a new email within Email-to-Anything

Ready For A Test Drive?

If you have been perplexed and wondering how to send group emails to people who are not in your Salesforce contacts, then Email-to-Anything may be just what you need. On the Salesforce AppExchange we offer a free 30-day trial of our full application, with no obligation to purchase. Not only that, ‘Distribution Lists’ is only a small component of the full Email-to-Anything app. With Email-to-Anything you can do so much more:

  • You can send emails directly to cases, leads or any other objects
  • The advanced email client can send emails directly from within Salesforce objects
  • You can store email histories against any Salesforce record
  • You can save and retrieve email drafts within SFDC

If this technology sounds like a dream come true head on over to our Email-to-Anything page or download your free trial version from the Salesforce AppExchange.