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Optimizing Service Team Effectiveness With Intelligent Case Assignment Rules in Salesforce

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This use case explores the transformative impact of Ortoo’s Q-assign for Service, focusing on enhancing case management efficiency through optimized case assignment rules. It demonstrates how Q-assign’s AI-driven system refines the case distribution process within customer service operations.

App: Q-assign for Service
Industry: Applies to all industries


To transform your case management process in Salesforce by implementing Q-assign’s intelligent case assignment rules for improved effectiveness and customer service outcomes.


  • Salesforce CRM operational with a focus on customer service.
  • Q-assign installed and configured within Salesforce.
  • Case assignment rules established based on agent expertise, case complexity, and priority.
  • Comprehensive training for service agents and managers on Q-assign functionalities.


  • Case Manager – Manages the assignment and delegation of cases among the Service Team.
  • Customer Service Agent – First point of contact for customers.
  • Tier-2 Support Agent – Specialized agent responsible for dealing with more complex cases.
  • Salesforce Administrator – Ensures the configuration and maintenance of Salesforce systems, including Q-assign.


  1. Configuration of Case Assignment Rules: Set up and customize case assignment rules in Q-assign.
  2. Case Receipt and Logging: Log and track customer cases in Salesforce.
  3. AI-Driven Case Triage: Utilize Q-assign’s AI capabilities to categorize and prioritize cases.
  4. Automated Case Assignment: Implement dynamic rules for distributing cases to appropriate agents.
  5. Agent Response and Handling: Enable agents to efficiently manage cases, informed by AI-driven insights.
  6. Performance Monitoring and Analysis: Use Salesforce reporting tools to track case management efficiency and agent performance.


  • Cases are intelligently assigned, ensuring quick and effective resolutions.
  • Agents are better equipped with relevant case information, improving service quality.
  • Enhanced data analytics for ongoing service optimization.


  • Manual intervention for cases requiring special attention or falling outside standard parameters.
  • Alerts for system discrepancies or operational issues.

Metrics for Success:

  • Decreased average case resolution times.
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Improved agent efficiency and performance metrics.


  • Strategic Case Assignment: Boosts efficiency through intelligent case distribution.
  • Operational Excellence: Streamlines case management with automated assignments.
  • Insightful Data Utilization: Offers actionable insights for continuous service enhancement.

Optional Enhancements:

  • Automated Case Triage: Triage, categorize and prioritize cases as soon as they come into the business, prior to assignment
  • Advanced AI Integration: Incorporate deeper AI functionalities for predictive case management.
  • Multi-faceted Case Analysis: Expand case analysis criteria, including customer history and agent performance.
  • Automated Response Templates: Implement AI-driven response templates for common case scenarios.
  • Enhanced Reporting Tools: Upgrade reporting capabilities for more detailed performance analysis.


Implementing Q-assign’s intelligent case assignment rules significantly elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service teams. And by strategically utilizing AI Actions, Q-assign not only streamlines case management but also ensures a higher standard of customer service, reflecting a modern and responsive approach to customer needs.


Adopting Q-assign empowers Salesforce Service Teams by enhancing productivity, optimizing resource allocation, improving customer satisfaction, and stimulating revenue growth.
How to achieve workforce effectiveness
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