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Revolutionize your lead assignment strategy by deploying Q-assign, the state-of the-art assignment app – now powered by AI

Q-assign is a highly-scalable, Salesforce-native Lead Assignment app for large and fast-growing Enterprises. It extends to Opportunities too, enabling you to route Opportunities to the very best available sales rep, automatically. Now enhanced with AI-powered features, it’s the ultimate solution for maximizing sales team productivity and performance.


  • Sales Representative – Acts on the leads assigned through Q-assign, benefits from well-matched lead assignment, thus saving time and boosting performance.
  • Sales Manager – Overseeing the sales team, Sales Managers can use Q-assign to dynamically balance workloads and accelerate lead-to-deal conversion.
  • Business Analyst – Responsible for data-driven decision-making, the Business Analyst can extract vital metrics from Q-assign for performance assessments.
  • Salesforce Administrator – Focused on managing and customizing Salesforce systems, these administrators will find Q-assign’s code-free configuration exceptionally straightforward.

Problem Statement

In sales, effective lead assignment is crucial but challenging. Traditional systems often fail to allocate leads optimally, causing workload imbalance, missed opportunities and underperformance. This inefficiency negatively impacts KPIs like speed-to-lead, conversion rates and team productivity.

  • Uneven distribution – leads are not distributed fairly and/or loads are not balanced
  • Low Conversion Rates – Ineffective lead assignment can result in lower conversion rates.
  • Average Response Time – Delays in responding to leads are impacting performance
  • Lack of Prioritization – Absence of a structured approach to prioritizing leads results in missed opportunities
  • Lead Decay – Unattended leads quickly lose value, diminishing ROI on acquisition efforts
  • System Complexity – Difficulty in changing lead assignment rules due to complex systems and also scaling


Q-assign transforms Salesforce lead assignment by smartly routing leads to your Sales reps, improving resource allocation and cutting down response times. It evaluates variables like rep expertise, workload, and past performance for ideal lead matching. This solves the issue of inconsistent and ineffective lead assignments. Real-time dashboards offer insights into the sales cycle and facilitate KPI tracking. The tool’s bulk assignment feature processes high lead volumes quickly, shortening sales cycles. By addressing inefficiencies and enhancing transparency, Q-assign boosts productivity and performance, and offers a comprehensive solution for Sales teams across all industries.

  • Dynamic Assignment Rules – Automatically route leads to the most suitable sales rep based on predefined criteria.
  • Automated Reassignment – Leads are intelligently reassigned to ensure equitable distribution across team members.
  • Attribute-based Routing – Leads are assigned based on specific attributes like territory, product interest, and more.
  • Automated Load Balancing – Workloads are balanced across team members to optimize utilization.
  • Dynamic Prioritization – Leads are ranked and assigned, with the help of AI, based on their likelihood of conversion.
  • Plug-in Actions – Trigger an automated task via any field update, including AI calls for enrichment and sentiment analysis
  • Opportunity Assignment – Create a load-balanced Opportunity assignment system which utilizes dynamic assignment rules and Plug-in Actions.


  • Enhanced Effectiveness – Streamline your lead assignment to dramatically improve operational speed and accuracy
  • Increased Conversion Rates – Intelligent lead assignment ensures higher conversion rates.
  • Optimal Resource Utilization – Maximize your team’s capabilities and productivity levels with automated load balancing.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – Leverage actionable insights for strategic planning and resource allocation.
  • Improved Scalability – Features like point-and-click configuration make it easy to scale operations.
  • Enhanced Security – Being Salesforce-native, Q-assign ensures high security standards.


Companies invested in Salesforce can significantly bolster their Sales Team’s effectiveness with Q-assign, the Salesforce-native assignment solution. Experience elevated productivity, superior resource allocation, enriched conversion rates, and subsequently, amplified revenue growth.
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Q-assign is available on a FREE 30-day trial. This includes the complete working product with all features enabled. To apply for your trial or to set up a demo/discovery call, please contact


From $21 per user per month

Assign any work item to the best available Salesforce user via intelligent rules and dynamic Plug-in Actions


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