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Enhance Patient Communication With Salesforce Email To Case

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Email to Case: Ultimate Edition transforms healthcare communication by automating the management of requests and communications from patients. It intelligently handles emails, converting them into Salesforce cases or other objects like Contacts, Patient records, or Health Records, ensuring no patient query goes unnoticed.


  • Healthcare Provider/Doctor: Manages patient inquiries and ensures timely response.
  • Patient Service Manager: Oversees patient communication and service quality.
  • Healthcare System Administrator: Implements and maintains the Salesforce system for optimal performance.
  • Chief Medical Officer: Focuses on improving patient satisfaction and operational efficiency in patient care.

Problem Statement

Volumes Affecting Patient Communication

Healthcare providers are inundated with patient emails, leading to significant delays in response times. The sheer volume complicates the urgent categorization of patient inquiries, requiring extensive manual effort to sift through and prioritize. Additionally, updating patient records with new information from these communications is a labor-intensive process that can lead to inaccuracies and outdated information. There’s a critical need for a more efficient, automated system to manage this flow of information, ensuring that urgent needs are addressed promptly and no patient communication is overlooked, all while maintaining a personal connection with each patient.


Prioritize and Categorize Patient Requests in Salesforce

Email to Case: Ultimate Edition provides a robust solution for healthcare companies seeking efficient patient communication management within Salesforce. It automates the conversion of emails into cases, streamlining the process of managing patient inquiries. This ensures timely and prioritized responses, enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

For healthcare organizations utilizing Salesforce objects like Contacts or custom “Patient” or “Health Record” objects for managing communications, Email-to-Case: Ultimate Edition’s sister app, Email-to-Anything, offers the same functionality across these various objects. This flexibility ensures that every patient interaction is captured and addressed, regardless of how the information is stored within Salesforce.


Enhanced Patient Communication

  • Improved Patient Communication Efficiency: Faster processing and response times to patient emails, reducing wait times and improving overall patient experience.
  • Enhanced Quality of Patient Care: By ensuring urgent patient needs are prioritized, healthcare providers can respond more effectively to patient concerns, improving outcomes.
  • Compliance with Healthcare Standards: Automated documentation and case handling help maintain high standards of patient data privacy and service delivery compliance.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the management of patient communications allows healthcare staff to focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks.


For healthcare organizations, Email to Case: Ultimate Edition offers a significant advancement in managing patient communications, ensuring every patient receives the attention and care they deserve.
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Email to Case: Ultimate Edition is available on a FREE 30-day trial. This includes the complete working product with all features enabled. Apply for your trial or set up a demo/discovery call now.


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