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Charities: Send Updates to Donors with Comms Manager

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Revolutionize donor engagement for non-profits and charities by facilitating effective email communication, transparency and interaction.

Comms Manager provides a transformative approach for non-profit organizations and charities to manage and enhance communications with their donors. NFP and Charity Organizations can utilize Comms Manager to send updates about fund utilization and other relevant communications to their donors. In addition, Comms Manager allows NFPs to efficiently capture responses from emails sent via automation tools like Pardot, HubSpot, or Marketo. All communication and engagement data tracked in Salesforce against relevant records and therefore available for analysis via Salesforce’s native advanced analytics capabilities.  


  • Comms Manager is integrated into the charity’s Salesforce system. 
  • Integration with email automation tools (Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo) is established. 
  • A donor database is maintained and regularly updated in Salesforce. 


  • Charity Administrators 
  • Marketing and Communications Teams 
  • IT Support Staff 


Preparation of Content: Prepare content for donor updates, including reports on fund usage, impact stories, and upcoming events. 

Integration with Email Tools: Integrate with the chosen email automation tool to streamline the sending process. 

Segmentation and Personalization: Segment donor audiences based on criteria such as donation history, interests, and engagement levels. Personalized messages are prepared for different segments. 

Dispatch of Communications: Automate the sending of these updates, ensuring that each donor receives relevant and personalized information. 

Capturing Responses: Responses to these communications, as well as marketing emails sent through automation tools, are captured and logged into Salesforce. 

Analytics and Reporting: Analyze response rates, engagement levels, and donor feedback to inform future communication strategies. 


  • Donors are kept informed and engaged with the charity’s activities and fund utilization. 
  • Enhanced data collection on donor engagement and response to communications. 

Metrics for Success 

  • Increased open and response rates for donor communications. 
  • Positive feedback from donors on the quality and relevance of updates received. 
  • Enhanced engagement metrics from marketing email campaigns. 


  • Improved donor engagement through regular, transparent communication. 
  • Efficient management of donor data and communications in a unified system. 
  • Enhanced ability to track and analyze the effectiveness of communication strategies. 


Comms Manager transforms the way charities interact with their donors. By providing timely, relevant, and personalized updates on fund utilization and organizational activities, charities can foster stronger relationships with their donors. This approach not only enhances donor satisfaction and engagement but also streamlines internal processes, making communication efforts more efficient and impactful.
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