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Automatically Capture New & Missing Salesforce Contacts

If your sales team work across high volumes of new business leads and accounts, but only a portion of your recognised contacts are saved within the CRM then your effectiveness to impress at all organisational levels is greatly reduced. Having the ability to sync new email contacts with Salesforce is critical to success and there are some obvious reasons why big enterprise firms use automation to refine their saved contacts.


Why You Should Send Your Emails From Within Salesforce

One of the principle reasons Salesforce has been able to move the CRM standard forward is interconnectivity. One of the most sought out pieces of AppExchange technology by enterprise businesses, is the ability to sync email providers with Salesforce thus giving businesses the ability to send emails from within Salesforce. If you can see the benefits of being able to send emails directly from within Salesforce, then this post is for you.


Why You Should Automatically Save Your Email History In Salesforce

When it comes to communication, clients & prospects love nothing more than businesses who know their account inside out and can respond to their queries in the given moment – without having to chase down details or call back. With this in mind, it’s crucial to automatically save your email history in Salesforce and to go one step further by logging emails to the appropriate Salesforce objects.