Store Full Email History Against Any Record

View all email conversations in Salesforce, against the right record of any object.


Customer emails buried in Outlook

It may well be that some customer cases or sales leads are being routed and assigned to agents who do not necessarily have the skills or experience to deal with them adequately. For example, it does not make sense to route the more complex cases to new starters who are lacking the skills and experience to deal with them. Likewise, you don’t want to route hot leads to sales reps who have not yet been fully trained. You really need to match the right assignment to the right agent every time.

Emails lost when employees leave

Some Salesforce organisations have hundreds or even thousands of lead or case assignment rules in place which are intended to route assignments to specific individuals or queues. Creating these rules involves hard-coding and keeping on top of them as people leave the business (and new starters join) is both time-consuming and expensive. Hard-coded lead and case assignment rules are not a practical solution in a large and/or fast-growing organisation.

Management lacks view of critical emails

Start-ups and small businesses often use a round-robin system to distribute Leads or Cases to sales or customer service agents. But large and fast-growing organisations need a more sophisticated approach to ensure the right assignment gets to the right agent at the right time. Individual agents can get over-loaded, so it makes sense to try to find a solution which is able to account for the workload of each agent and the complexity and/or urgency of each assignment.


  • Send all emails to Salesforce
  • Store full email history
  • Map email data to any object
  • Send email from within object
  • Save email drafts
  • Share drafts with other users
  • Send ad hoc mass emails


Track sales enquiries

Log and store complaints

Account manager continuity

Record support emails


Build an FAQ database

Supervisor visibility

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