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Whether you are building a new team or implementing a disaster recovery plan, installing an intelligent case assignment system can revolutionize the performance of your customer service team in next to no time.

Many service teams around the world are under-performing, and the recent economic downturn has put the spotlight on teams which are struggling to cope. Too many service teams are reliant on tired and inefficient case management processes, suffer from poor productivity and, as a result, are not getting the desired results.

Forward-thinking Salesforce organizations are looking at what they can do to re-position their businesses, against a tough economic background, to improve productivity, morale and, most importantly of all, achieve better outcomes.

Q-assign is a highly intelligent case assignment app, 100% native to Salesforce, which is helping companies around the world to build state-of-the-art Service teams on Salesforce, by maximizing throughput, optimizing productivity and delivering unprecedented performance improvements.

We’ve identified 8 steps that can be taken, with the help of Q-assign, to take your customer service team from zero to hero. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch when you are ready to build your own high-performance team.


Q-assign for Salesforce, our powerful case assignment app, is available to download on a FREE 30-day trial from the AppExchange.  We offer a FREE Consultation and a FULLY MANAGED POC*.  Contact us today for a demo and an informal chat about your use case.
*POC – Proof Of Concept
Once in a while you come across a solution that meets your exact needs, and does not cost a fortune. This is one of those few.  We were able to see immediate ROI after the first day of using this, in the form of man hours saved for lead allocation and management.
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FREE 30-Day Trial [100% Guarantee]