A simple round-robin distribution model enables a small business to assign Leads or Opportunities to sales reps with ease. But for large and fast-growing businesses it can be quite a challenge. Larger companies might need to distribute hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of assignments each and every day and these will need to be matched to the best available agents in near real-time.


Fair distribution of Leads

In competitive sales environments, sales reps expect a level playing field when it comes to the distribution of  Leads and Opportunities around the business. It can be tempting to give the bulk of sales leads to the top performing sales reps or perhaps to those that shout the loudest. But, in the long run, a fair system which matches Leads to the best available rep whilst also taking into account workload, capability and experience, is essential to optimize productivity and to minimize staff turnover.

Managing availability & OOO

A sales rep’s availability status can fluctuate throughout the day and throughout the week. Whether they are logged in, logged out, in a meeting, on an existing call, out to lunch or off sick, their availability to handle a new enquiry can change from one moment to the next.  Routing Leads or Opportunities to reps which may not be able to process them immediately is a dangerous game. Hot leads go cold. As sales teams grow, the ability to automatically detect agent availability becomes a critical factor.

Load balancing & weighting

When distributing high volumes of Leads to sales reps, it is vital that agent workloads are factored into the assignment process. Many organisations aim for an even distribution of assignments across all their reps but that doesn’t allow for the fact that opportunities vary in size and complexity. An advanced distribution model should understand weighting and would need to detect when a user’s workload is hitting its limits. Dynamic assignment rules can then be used to maintain a balance.

Prioritization of “hot” Leads

When organisations scale-up, the volume of leads that need to be processed scales accordingly. When hundreds or even thousands of Leads need to be managed each and every day, it’s more and more critical that the right lead should find its way to the right agent at the right time. Critically, the most important “high value” opportunities need to be identified automatically, and routed to the very best available sales rep to be processed immediately.

Match territory, skills, product

All leads are different. Different levels of complexity, different products, differing values and different geographical spread. Likewise, sales reps all have different attributes: skill-set, experience, capabilities. As lead-volume grows, it becomes more and more difficult, and yet more and more important, to match the right lead to the right sales rep. Using dynamic assignment rules to intelligently match leads and opportunities to sales reps is a critical factor in maximizing productivity.

Managing assignment rules

High lead-volumes usually mean lots and lots of hard-coded assignment rules. The more leads and reps, the more rules. Indeed, in large multi-national companies it’s not uncommon for there to be tens of thousands of assignment rules that need to be managed on a daily basis. Creating and maintaining these rules is labour-intensive and costly. Replacing them with a small number of “dynamic” assignment rules would provide a scalable foundation for future growth.


Automatically assign Leads or Opportunities to your best available sales rep, matching lead-value, complexity and urgency to rep experience and other attributes. Supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity, Case and custom objects.

  • Route Leads & Opportunities to best available sales reps
  • Match on skills, product, territory, language, complexity or priority
  • Advanced round-robin with weighting, caps and quotas
  • Lead-scoring & prioritization
  • Live agent availability with choice of “push” and “pull” models
  • Dynamic workload load balancing
  • Advanced assignment rules
  • Go for growth – scale teams rapidly


Sales enquiries

Product enquiries


Loan applications

Leads from Lead brokers

Real estate enquiries

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