Replace Lead and Case Assignment Rules

Successfully maintaining Lead & Case assignment rules in Salesforce can be a huge challenge. Replacing hard-coded rules with dynamic assignment rules can give larger organisations much greater control. And by reducing the total number of rules, day-to-day management is made much easier and creates greater flexibility as a company prepares for growth.


Dependency on inflexible rules

Hard-coded assignment rules are constant and abide by the setup variables that were initially configured. Problems can occur if they are not updated (for example when employees leave) and they can quickly become unfit for purpose. Businesses are changing at unprecedented rates and Salesforce organisations need to be increasingly flexible with the way they serve customers and respond to Leads, Cases and support requests.

Costly to maintain many coded rules

Managing & maintaining many hard-coded assignment rules can be extremely resource-intensive. It can take a considerable amount of time for Salesforce administrators to make changes and to ensure legacy assignment rules work in conjunction with any new rules that are added. It’s far more cost-effective to use dynamic rules which not only reduce the total number of rules that need to be managed (dramatically), but also remain relevant when employees exist the business and new ones arrive.

Difficult to de-bug complex rules

When assignment rules need to be replaced or fixed, the de-bugging process can be challenging. Pausing or removing rules without a direct and immediate replacement can result in Leads or Cases being distributed unevenly across your team of agents. And often the person de-bugging the rule is not the same person that set it up in the first place. It can take a considerable amount of time to understand how a complex rule has been configured and time, after all, is money.


Automatically assign Cases or support requests to your best available agent, matching case complexity and urgency to agent capability and other attributes. Supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity and custom objects.

  • Switch to dynamic assignment rules
  • Configure 1-to-1 or 1-to-many rules
  • Reduce the number of assignment rules dramatically
  • Capture specific user attributes
  • Define variable object attributes
  • Auto-match Leads or Cases to sales reps or agents


Lead assignment rules

Opportunity assignment

Routing trouble tickets

Case assignment rules

Routing support requests

Custom object assignment

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