Match Leads to Best Rep by Skill, Language, Territory, or Product

Round-robin distribution is a tried and trusted method for routing leads to sales reps. But how smart is it? By matching every lead to the best available sales rep, rather than the next available sales rep,  opportunities can be identified and converted quicker, boosting revenue and profitability dramatically.


Dependence on low-tech round-robin

Start-ups and small businesses often use a round-robin system to route Leads (or Cases) to reps or agents. But large and fast-growing organisations need a more intelligent approach to ensure the right assignment gets to the right agent at the right time. The availability, workload and capabilities of each agent need to be factored into the assignment rules to facilitate the best match.

Rep skills not aligned to opportunity

A simple round-robin can assign Leads or Opportunities to reps who do not have the right skills or capabilities to deal with them effectively. Factors such as product knowledge, language and overall experience can determine how well-placed a rep is to deal with any given lead. To maximize productivity, each lead needs to be matched to the right rep at the right time. 

Issues with workload & availability of reps

Sales teams can easily become overwhelmed with the volume of leads coming in. A simple lead assignment system, which fails to take into account agent workload, availability and capability, can quickly give rise to bottle-necks, poor conversion rates and lost opportunities. A robust solution needs to be on top of agent availability at all times whilst, also factoring in workload and skill-set.


Automatically assign Cases or support requests to your best available agent, matching case complexity and urgency to agent capability and other attributes. Supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity and custom objects.

  • Switch to dynamic assignment rules
  • Configure 1-to-1 or 1-to-many rules
  • Reduce the number of assignment rules dramatically
  • Capture specific user attributes
  • Define variable object attributes
  • Auto-match Leads or Cases to sales reps or agents


Lead Distribution

Case Assignment

Routing Jobs to Field Engineers

IT Support Tickets

Opportunity Assignment

Routing Custom Objects

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