Dynamic Load-Balancing for Lead & Case Assignment

Balancing the workload across Salesforce reps and agents is critical to optimizing productivity, maintaining team harmony and avoiding burnout. By monitoring workloads automatically and dynamically re-routing assignments to maintain the balance, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and long-term profitability can be dramatically enhanced.


Agents suffering with workloads

Assignments vary greatly in terms of the amount of work required to complete the task. Leads can vary by product, territory and value. Customer Cases can vary by complexity, urgency and whether or not they are bound to an SLA. In a large or growing business, distributing assignments without factoring in complexity and workload is not an option. For maximum productivity, loads need to be constantly monitored and assignments dynamically routed and re-routed accordingly to maintain the balance.

Leads not evenly distributed to reps

In competitive sales environments, reps expect a degree of fairness when it comes to the assignment of Leads around the business. In smaller and less mature organisations, the bulk of sales leads can tend to go to the top performing sales reps or maybe to those that shout the loudest. But, ultimately, a fairer distribution model which matches the leads to the best available sales rep whilst also factoring in load, skill-set and experience, is critical to optimizing productivity and minimizing staff turnover.

Conflict: phone, chat & email channels

In an omni-channel World, agents need to handle enquiries coming from multiple streams including email, telephone and live chat. Each channel has different demands and requires different skills and capabilities on the part of the agent or sales rep. The assignment rules for each communication channel need to be aligned and complimentary, ensuring that enquiries are routed to the right agent or queue whilst also accounting for workload and priority, and factoring in any SLA terms.


Automatically assign leads or support requests to your best available rep or agent. Match case complexity and urgency to agent capability and other attributes. Q-assign supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity, Case and custom objects.

  • Create flexible assignment rules and add multiple dynamic attributes
  • Calculate load points automatically for every agent
  • Monitor real-time active workloads
  • Create assignment groups
  • Develop common rules for all channels
  • Point and click interface


Lead distribution

Routing to field engineers

Opportunity assignment

Case assignment

IT support tickets

Routing custom objects

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