Custom Object Assignment

Assign any Salesforce object to your very best agent or engineer in real-time. Being able to assign custom objects automatically in Salesforce affords a greater level of control, dramatically improving workflows and performance. With Q-assign, a dynamic rules-based assignment engine, you can assess each record using various attributes including geography, value, complexity and priority and then match it to an agent according to skill-set, capability or experience.


Routing custom objects automatically

Manually routing jobs, support requests or trouble tickets to agents or engineers in the field is both labour-intensive and inefficient. Assignment delays can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction (both internal and external) and ultimately profitability. Automation is the key to increasing productivity and efficiency.

Matching objects to agents

Every assignment is different. On the one hand every task is different. Different priorities, variations in geography, differences in complexity and different levels of urgency. On the other hand each agent has a different skill-set, different capabilities and different experience. Matching the right assignment to the right agent at the right time is critical to ensuring the right outcome.

Replicating Case functionality

Native assignment rule functionality is limited to the Lead and Case objects in Salesforce. If you have a secondary case object (maybe for internal support requests or supplier requests) then the distribution of assignments is not so straight forward. One solution is to create hard-coded workflows but the smart option is to deploy a dynamic and intelligent assignment app.


Automatically assign Cases or support requests to your best available agent, matching case complexity and urgency to agent capability and other attributes. Supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity and custom objects.

  • Rules-based assignment engine
  • Point and click configuration
  • Match objects to best agent
  • Match on any criteria/attribute
  • Live agent availability
  • Load-balancing
  • Scale rapidly


Secondary Case object

Supplier support requests

Job applications

IT support tickets

Press enquiries

Internal trouble tickets

What’s Your Use Case?

Every use case is different and we’d love to hear about yours. Tell us what Salesforce challenges you are experiencing and, ultimately, what you’d like to achieve and we’ll see if we can’t help you craft a rock-solid solution.