Automatic Re-assignment and Escalation of Leads or Cases

Responding to customers quickly is a mission-critical business practice. Support requests need to be attended to promptly and new leads needs to be processed before they go cold. But what to do when that quick response is not forthcoming? By re-routing or escalating unattended assignments automatically, you can minimize the time it takes to respond and maximize both profitability and customer satisfaction.


Agents already overloaded with cases

Salesforce agents can easily get overloaded. If new cases (or leads) are coming in at a faster rate than they are getting processed, then queues will build up. Some agents will be highly skilled and can work through their workload quickly and efficiently. But when complex cases are matched to inexperienced agents then problems can ensue. Automatically re-assigning some of those cases to agents with spare capacity would make a lot of sense.

SLA-bound cases stuck in a queue

Often customer cases are distributed on a round-robin or first come first served basis. This can mean that business-critical or SLA-bound cases can be stuck behind less urgent support requests and the risk of failing to meet an SLA is enhanced. Prioritizing urgent cases is hugely important and, if they are stuck in queues for any significant period of time, the ability to automatically re-assign or escalate them is extremely beneficial.

Hot leads stuck with inexperienced reps

Not all leads are created equal and it’s often the case that you want your best sales reps dealing with your most promising new business opportunities. To maximize revenues and profitability, it makes sense to prioritize leads with high potential value or those which are closer to the point of purchase. Where a hot lead is stuck in a queue, best practice is to automatically re-assign it to the best available sales rep. 


Automatically assign Cases or support requests to your best available agent, matching case complexity and urgency to agent capability and other attributes. Supports any Salesforce object, including Lead, Opportunity and custom objects.

  • Automatically rank assignments by urgency
  • Set maximum queue time for SLAs
  • Auto-re-assign Cases to free agents
  • Auto-re-assign Leads and Opportunties
  • Escalate complaints or very urgent Cases
  • Show over-loaded reps or agents as unavailable


Re-assign customers cases

Re-route trouble tickets

Re-prioritise Opportunities

Re-distribute sales Leads

Escalate SLA-bound cases

Escalate urgent requests

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