Assign Cases to Dedicated Account Manager, Engineer or Virtual Team

Successful businesses value human relationships and continuity, so providing them with a good and consistent experience can reap dividends. To achieve this for key accounts, it’s important to route Cases and customer support requests to designated account managers or support teams that are well-positioned to resolve day-to-day issues as soon as they arise.


Assign to dedicated agent when possible

It takes time to build a strong customer relationship, and making sure customers are regularly speaking to their designated contacts or account managers is imperative. When there are multiple contacts who can deal with a Case, it’s imperative to survey the available options and select a contact that is familiar with the account, based on their recent service history.

Assign to backup user or team if unavailable

When routing and assigning Cases, sometimes the best engineer, account manager or team isn’t always available. In these situations you have the ability to assign Cases to backup users or teams. This ensures that, although the very best option may not be available, the Case can still be routed to an individual who is capable of dealing with the request.

Factor in user workloads and SLAs

For larger customers, virtual dedicated support teams are an effective way of spreading the load. A designated account manager can be tied up with an existing Case and unable to process a new one. An SLA may necessitate a response within an agreed time-frame, so creating a virtual team and setting up advanced assignment rules can help balance the workloads evenly.


Automatically assign Cases or support requests to your best available agent. Match to designated account manager, engineer or virtual team. Supports any Salesforce object, including Case, Lead, Opportunity and custom objects.

  • Define dedicated support agents or field engineers
  • Define backup users or teams for each account
  • Set up virtual 7x24x365 support teams
  • Create dynamic assignment rules
  • Define re-assignment and escalation rules
  • Prioritise SLA-bound customer cases and support requests


Route to field engineer

Route to account manager

Assign to named sales rep

Assign to service agent

Match by agent skillset

Assign to IT support specialist

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