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Fine-tune your lead assignment system, increase lead throughput and transform your sales team’s productivity and performance levels – forever.

Enterprises around the world are struggling to recover revenues. Many companies are frantically trying to establish new revenue streams but companies that are already running their businesses on Salesforce can transform their fortunes by making some simple adjustments to their lead assignment systems.


1. Eliminate Cherry Picking

It’s the gold dust that pays the bills, not the nuggets. Make sure each and every sales lead is given the utmost attention. Don’t let sales reps pick and choose the leads they want to work. Route each lead to the rep that is best placed, at that moment in time, to convert it. Set up assignment groups containing reps with similar skills and capabilities and then match incoming leads, automatically, to those reps. Implement automated load-balancing to ensure that reps aren’t overloaded or idle.

2. Assign to logged-in agents only

Most likely a lot of your sales reps are now working from home. You and your team leaders no longer have line of sight to who’s available and who’s not. Don’t let bottlenecks develop. Leads which are assigned to a Sales rep that is currently unavailable (whether they are off sick, at lunch or simply haven’t started their shift) are going cold, minute by minute.  Ensure that leads are only routed to reps who are logged in and available to take one – now.

3. Re-assign neglected leads

You will have leads which have previously been assigned to a sales rep but are now being neglected. Maybe they are not high-value. Maybe it’s a complex requirement. Maybe it’s a boring company in a boring sector. Re-assign those leads automatically to hungrier and/or better-qualified reps. Make sure they are worked by someone.

4. Eliminate queues

Leads which are stuck in queues are leads which are going cold. With every minute that goes by the potential for conversion decreases. Do you have some reps free whilst others are overloaded? Re-assign queued leads automatically to available reps. Introduce automated load balancing and minimize or eliminate queues.

5. Prioritize hot leads

Automatically identify hot leads as soon as they arrive in the business. Use attributes such as company revenue, employee count, job title, seniority and product-type to develop a robust lead-scoring system. Automatically score all incoming leads and prioritize those that are hot and/or of high value. Route hot leads to your best available agents. Minimize the response time and maximize the potential for conversion.

All of the above, and much more, can be achieved with our powerful lead assignment App, Q-assign. It’s 100% native to Salesforce and can be downloaded on a free 60-day trial (yes sixty days).  That’s a fully managed POC (proof of concept) which is configured to your specific use case, with no obligation to buy.

If you are in revenue recovery mode, please get in touch and we’ll set up a call to get the ball rolling.


The powerful lead assignment app, 100% native to Salesforce, which routes the right lead to the right sales rep at the right time.

  • Dynamic lead assignment
  • Advanced round robin
  • Lead prioritization
  • Sales rep prioritization
  • Automated load balancing
  • Automated re-assignment
  • Match to best available rep
  • 100% native to Salesforce

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