Our native Salesforce apps are designed with one thing in mind – helping teams to perform better. We enable Sales teams to boost lead throughput, to increase productivity and conversion rates and, ultimately, to deliver better results. We build high-performance Sales teams by automating everything and applying layers of intelligence to the lead creation and assignment processes.

Here is a collection of our most common use cases and solutions. feel free to drop us a line if they strike a chord.

Implement “Email to Lead” to create leads automatically

Create leads and opportunities automatically by auto-forwarding sales enquiries to the Lead & Opportunity objects in Salesforce

Deploy an intelligent & dynamic assignment system

Automatically route leads and opportunities to the right sales rep at the right time to increase both productivity and performance

Score, rank and prioritize hot leads

Identify and score hot & high-value leads, prioritize them & route them to your best sales reps – automatically

Measure & monitor workloads & load-balance automatically

Measure and monitor the workload for each and every rep. Be sure to factor in the load across both leads & opportunities. Then deploy dynamic assignment rules

Stop sales reps from cherry-picking the best leads

Cherry-picking is unproductive, reduces overall performance and saps morale. Route each lead to the best available rep

Assign leads to logged in agents only

Don’t allow leads to get stuck in queues. Assign leads to logged-in agents only, who are available and ready to process a lead right now

Reassign neglected or queued leads

Where leads have become neglected or “stuck in the system”, reassign them automatically to an available sales rep who is willing and able to process it

Match leads to sales reps based on skills and experience

Every sales rep has different attributes and capabilities. Match each lead to the sales rep who is best equipped to deal with that particular lead

Factor in territories and time-zones

If you have multiple office locations, factor territories, time zones and languages into your dynamic assignment rules

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