We’re on a mission to build high-performance sales teams around the world with scalable automated lead management apps. Harness your Salesforce to increase throughput, productivity and performance – today!


Our powerful lead automation apps, which are 100% native to Salesforce, are revolutionizing sales productivity and performance in large and fast-growing enterprises around the world. Our apps solve a multitude of problems. Here are a few of our most common use cases:
Email to Lead or Opportunity
Automatically create leads or opportunities from emails e.g. from inbound enquiries or web forms
Deploy Automated Lead Assignment
Assign Leads automatically to the right sales rep at the right time to boost productivity and performance
Prioritize Hot Leads
Score and rank all inbound leads. Prioritize hot leads and route them to your best available sales reps
Eliminate Cherry Picking
Dramatically increase productivity and performance by eliminating cherry-picking. Ensure the full potential of every lead is realised
Automate Load Balancing
Use weightings, caps, quotas and dynamic assignment rules to balance the workload evenly across sales reps and sales teams
Assign to Logged-in Reps Only
Minimize lead response times by assigning leads only to sales reps that are logged in and available
Re-assign Neglected Leads
Automatically re-assign leads which are waiting in queues, or which are otherwise untended, to sales reps that are available now
Match to Reps on Skills or Geo
Match leads to sales reps according to skillset, experience, territory or any other configurable attribute
Consolidate Lead Assignment Rules
Simplify & reduce the number of lead assignment rules, break the dependency on IT & empower sales management teams

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