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Integrate Email With Any Standard or Custom Object In Salesforce

With Email-to-anything, the 5-star-rated AppExchange app, you can integrate email with any standard or custom object in Salesforce. Supporting Outlook, Gmail, POP3 or any email client, Email-to-anything can create & update records automatically from emails, save email history against any record in any object, and also send emails from any Salesforce object.
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Objects Lack Email-to-Case Functionality

Email-to-Case is a much loved Salesforce solution that integrates email with the Case object. But other standard and custom object in Salesforce are lacking that same “out of the box” functionality.  Even if an incoming email contains all of the necessary information to create a new record, someone has to intercept it, read it and enter the data manually.

Lack of Integrated Email Services

Email-to-Case users (i.e. Customer Service Agents) have the benefit of integrated email within the Case object itself. Agents can respond to an email directly from the Case object, without having to switch into Outlook or Gmail. And they can see the full email history for any given Case right there, within the record. This is lacking in other objects, for example Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Custom Objects.

Case Object Already in Use

Sometimes businesses want to use a Salesforce object to manage support requests or tickets. The Case object is the obvious candidate, but what if it’s already in use? It’s common to use the Case object for customer service enquiries. But in larger companies you might want to do something similar with internal support requests or even supplier support requests. If you want to keep these “tickets” completely separate from your day-to-day customer cases. then you’ll probably want to create a custom case object. So how to replicate the native Email-to-case functionality with this new custom case object?


Email to Any Standard or Custom Object

Email-to-anything (e2a) is like Email-to-Case on steroids. e2a delivers Email-to-case to any Salesforce object, including custom objects. Email-to-Lead and Email-to-Opportunity are common use cases, along with Email-to-Custom-Case. e2a enables you to create or update any record in any object from inbound emails. Salesforce fields are populated or updated by automatically extracting pertinent data from email headers, body text & domain information and keywords can be matched using REGEX.

e2a also delivers an advanced email client to the object in question, meaning emails can be crafted, formatted and sent directly from any record in any object.

Store and View Email History in Salesforce – With Attachments

Where records already exist, new emails relating to that record can be automatically matched and stored against that record (including attachments such as .doc or .pdf documents). So all email conversations and email history can be stored and viewed at any point in the future, by any Salesforce user (subject to permissions).

Configuration is a point and click exercise, that can be done by anyone with administration rights, e.g. a sales admin or a manager. There’s no dependency on IT.


  • Secondary Case object
  • IT helpdesk
  • Trouble tickets
  • Job applications
  • Supplier queries
  • Press enquiries
  • …and much more

Email-to-anything is a 5-star-rated app which is 100% native to Salesforce. It is available to download on a free 30-day trial from the AppExchange, and our solution delivery team are ready, willing and able to help you configure it to your specific use case. That service is free of charge by the way. You’re welcome 🙂

Have you got any questions about integrating email with Salesforce objects?



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