Send emails from Salesforce, capture replies in Salesforce and share customer interactions with key stakeholders. Email-to-anything – the #1 email management app for Salesforce.
Salesforce Email Management

Email-to-anything is 100% native to Salesforce. Check it out on the AppExchange

Moving email conversations into Salesforce transforms team effectiveness by surfacing invaluable customer data

Keeping valuable email interactions in Outlook or Gmail (or wherever) dramatically reduces any team’s full potential. By moving email conversations into Salesforce – automatically – teams become fully empowered, enabling them to respond faster and with better information, to escalate problems automatically, to detect red flags and to trigger actions and engagements automatically. Introducing Email-to-anything (e2a), the most powerful Salesforce Email Management app on the AppExchange.


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Send emails from any Salesforce object

Send emails from any Salesforce object/record with the Email-to-anything email client:

  • 100% native to Outlook
  • Advanced email editor
  • Send from any standard object
  • Send from any custom object
  • Send emails to distribution lists
  • Create different views for different business units
  • Create email templates for each BU
  • include unique thread ID in every email

Capture email replies in Salesforce

View email replies directly in Salesforce, without having to switch to Outlook/Gmail.

  • Receive email replies directly in Salesforce
  • View entire email threads in Salesforce
  • Store and view attachments
  • Even capture replies to Pardot/Hubspot/Marketo emails
  • Works with any email client

Create or update records automatically

Email-to-anything scans inbound emails for keywords and other pertinent data:

  • Update fields automatically from data in email body/header
  • Where appropriate, create new records automatically
  • Create/update any record: e.g. work orders, tickets, leads or other work-items

Trigger actions and workflows automatically

Where an inbound email causes a field to update:

  • Trigger an email autoresponder
  • Trigger an email engagement program
  • Trigger an assignment rule
  • Add a lead/contact to a campaign
  • Trigger any action or workflow in Salesforce
Trigger Salesforce Actions From Emails

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