Salesforce Is Paving The Way To Greater Digital Transformation

Digital transformation success is often a question of speed & implementation. Companies know how important technology is to their business, but can they evolve and apply the very latest digital platforms to better serve their customers quicker than the competition? This blog looks to answer that question and also showcases why CRM drives digital transformation & how Salesforce is currently leading the way.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not a new concept and has developed from a ‘2010 buzz word’ to one of the most important agenda items for most US & European companies. It outlines the process of embedding new technologies into a company to improve all areas of a business from communication and accounting right through to security & data management. The purpose of course, is not to add new technologies to follow the crowd. It’s to dramatically improve the operational side of the business, which in turn creates better processes that benefit both staff performance & customers alike. In the future, any area of the business could potentially be touched by Digital Transformation & that’s why Salesforce enables better digital transformation because it’s a platform which works across so many different areas of an organisation.

Does Salesforce Enable Better Digital Transformation?

Companies who take Digital Transformation seriously are likely to have a change management plan, focusing on the core areas of the business which need improvement. Upgrading capabilities in a structured manner is the key to strong digital transformation, organisations should look to improve the areas which have the most business benefit first whilst also grouping related changes together. CRM drives digital transformation because it’s often the data warehouse of the organisation where important figures are stored, and business processes originate.

Integrating Salesforce With Third Party Tech to achieve digital transformation success an organisation may have to invest in a wide range of new technologies. A growing number of third parties can now be plugged directly into Salesforce, often through the use of an API. This means that all your critical performance, customer & staff data can be shared immediately with potential new technology platforms. We have all heard the term that ‘knowledge is power’, well the same is true in the software World. Salesforce CRM boosts digital transformation efforts because it can provide new technology with the existing data it needs to make more informed calculations & get a represented view of how the organisation is actually functioning. In some cases, third party software can even be controlled directly from within Salesforce (if the platforms are integrated), reducing the time restraints of continually being logged into two separate systems.


Salesforce AppExchange & Automation Tools looking closer to home the Salesforce ecosystem is widely encompassing & it’s continually improving. The functionality you get ‘out of the box’ with Salesforce is enough on its own to transform most new businesses. If that’s not enough, you have access to the Salesforce AppExchange which contains literally thousands of apps which can improve your business operations. Salesforce CRM boosts digital transformation by offering one point of call for how organisations manage everything relating to their customer base. However, by investing in Salesforce you are also buying into how the future platform will operate. In recent years there have been huge strides forward in AI & predictive analytics, this functionality will become your own as Salesforce continue to refine their R&D & launch new functionality. It’s much more cost-effective to utilise existing cutting edge technology from one of the most creative companies in the World, than to create your own.

A Better Overall Digital Culture having the best available technology doesn’t guarantee digital transformation success on its own. You need to have a great team and winning approach to training & development. Organisations adopting Salesforce start with a huge advantage over the competition and that’s that Salesforce users are thoroughly engaged & amazed by the capabilities of the platform. Salesforce users upskill their proficiency fast and the learning opportunities of initiatives like Trailhead ensure users are focused every step of the way. When users can see the benefits of a piece of technology they are much more likely to abide by best practices, share insights & dedicate time to understand how their roles are impacted. Additionally, Salesforce enables better digital transformation by adding a degree of standardisation across the business. Salesforce can be used for a whole multitude of different businesses process which means a high proportion of the staff become experts on the platform, often in their own specialised field. This expert knowledge is key for training new staff members but also for ensuring the business is continually improving it’s feature set and making the most out of all available technological opportunities.

Of course, there is much more to digital transformation than just Salesforce. Yet for organisations who are new to this, our message is that CRM drives digital transformation initiatives and there is not a better platform our there at the moment than Salesforce. Why not take a look at some of our new Ortoo Use Cases, which showcase how our technology integrates with SFDC?


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