How to Route Cases to a Dedicated Account Manager, Engineer or Virtual Team

In some customer support scenarios, the preference is to route cases to an agent who is dedicated to that account or, if they are unavailable, to a team of dedicated back-up agents.


Assign to dedicated agent if possible

Assign to back-up agent or team if unavailable

Factor in user workloads and SLA’s

Maintain 7 x 24 x 365
customer support


  • Define dedicated customer support agents
  • Define backup users or teams per account
  • Establish virtual 7 x 24 x 365 support teams
  • Create dynamic assignment rules
  • Define re-assignment rules to manage exceptions
  • Prioritise urgent, SLA-bound assignments


Route to field engineer

Route to Account Manager

Assign to service agent

Assign to named sales rep

Assign to IT support specialist

Match by agent skill-set

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