Replace Lead & Case Assignment Rules

Convert many complex hardcoded rules to a few dynamic, scalable rules that are easy to manage. Successfully maintaining case & lead assignment rules is an area which is often easy to forget and hard to stay on top of. Organisations regularly have assignment rules live which are not fit for purpose or which could be significantly improved for better overall performance.


Dynamic Salesforce assignment rules give organisations much greater control over the entire end-to-end of case & lead assignment. They can reduce the number of Salesforce assignment rules, making management much more simpler but also adding greater flexibility for when the organisation begins to grow.


Dependency on inflexible coded rules

Hard coded rules are constant and abide by the setup variables that were initially configured. They can work well for organisations but problems occur if they are not updated, hard coded rules may have worked well 18 months ago but if the organisation has significantly changed since that point they may not be fit for purpose anymore. Businesses & the workforce are changing at unprecedented rates and organisations need to be flexible with the way they serve customers and respond to leads – not being able to update hard coded rules undermines necessary agile working practises.

Costly to maintain many coded rules

Managing & maintaining many hard coded assignment rules can be extremely resource intensive, taking a considerable amount of time for administrators to make changes and to ensure legacy assignment rules work in-conjunction with any new rules that are added. For greater control over Salesforce assignment rules, it’s better to use smart dynamic rules which reduce the amount of Salesforce assignment rules but also work together in a more flexible manner, reducing the constant need of administrators to updated hard coded rules at risk of breaking.

Difficult to de-bug complex rules

When assignment rules need to be replaced or fixed, the de-bugging process of understanding what has has gone wrong can be challenging. Particularly, as pausing or removing rules without a direct replacement can result in your leads being distributed unevenly across your team of agents. There is also the added complexity, that often the person de-bugging assignment rules may not have been the person who set them up, this again adds more downtime to the overall process and requires more detailed knowledge on how each rule has been configured.


  • Switch to dynamic assignment
  • Configure 1:1 or 1:many rules
  • Reduce # of rules dramatically
  • Capture specific user attributes
  • Define variable object attributes
  • Auto-match Leads/Cases to
    reps or agents


Lead assignment rules

Opportunity assignment

Routing trouble tickets

Case assignment rules

Routing support requests

Custom object assignment

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