Round-Robin or Load Balanced

With fully configurable distribution rules

Lead and Case assignment

Automatically assign Leads and Cases out to team members

Quotas and Caps

Control how many assignments per user per day/week/month. Cap active assignments per user

Push or Pull

Push Lead and Cases out to users automatically, or allow them to Pull, or a mix of both


Assign based on skill, location, language, or any other factor identifiable from the Lead or Case. Fall-back to secondary skill, location, language if primary all busy

Agent Availability

Team member availability - with self-check-in /check-out

Real-Time Phone Assignments

For call centres, assign out leads / cases Real-Time while on the phone to next agent due for the next assignment

100% Native

100% native Salesforce application


No limit on number of rules, teams or team members. Assign thousands of leads / cases per day


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