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Q-assign is an advanced Salesforce-native assignment app. It can transform any team through the deployment of intelligent work-assignment systems: Cases, Leads, Opportunities, Work Orders and more.

q-assign lead and case routing for salesforce

Route leads automatically to best sales rep


Match opportunities to the best available AE


Assign cases to the best available service agent


Route work orders to the best available agent or engineer


Create a Salesforce-native ticketing system and route SR’s to users


Create an automated assignment system for any object including custom objects




Advanced Salesforce Assignment Rules

Q-assign is an Enterprise-level Salesforce app which routes work-items – like Cases, Leads, Opportunities and Work Orders – to the best Salesforce user, considering factors such as expertise, availability, and workload. Via code-free assignment rules, it leverages AI to prioritize and allocate tasks. It can be customized for multiple business units, transforming workforce productivity and effectiveness.

Flexible solution. We have not come up with any use case that is not possible to achieve with this solution. We are extremely happy with Q-assign.

Anuj Kapoor, Salesforce Administrator,
EF Education First


Discover the diverse application potential of Q-assign and Email-to-anything, with our Salesforce use cases


In high-volume sales teams, deploy a dynamic assignment system to prioritize the hot leads and high-value opportunities, and assign them to the very best available sales rep. Eliminate cherry-picking and even reassign or escalate neglected leads and opportunities.

Discover the diverse application potential of Q-assign and Email-to-anything, with our Salesforce use cases


Transform productivity and performance across your service team by matching every Case to the best available service agent. Reduce time-to-first-response and average handle time. Prioritize SLA-bound Cases. Result? Faster resolution, better outcomes, happier customers.

Discover the diverse application potential of Q-assign and Email-to-anything, with our Salesforce use cases


Revolutionize the way your field service or facilities team works. Deploy Email-to-anything to create and update Work Orders automatically from emails, then use Q-assign to assign them, dynamically, to the best available agent or engineer.

Discover the diverse application potential of Q-assign and Email-to-anything, with our Salesforce use cases


Automatically allocate work-items based on predefined geographic territories, making sure that agents with local expertise handle each item, thereby improving customer/supplier relationships and increasing productivity and performance.

Q-assign Features

dynamic assignment rules
Dynamic Assignment Rules
availability based routing

Availability based Routing

account matching

Account Matching

automated reassignment

Automated Reassignment

omni channel routing

Omni-channel Routing

attribute based routing

Attribute-based Routing

territory management

Territory Management

weighted round robin for salesforce

Weighted Round Robin

dynamic escalations

Dynamic Escalations

ai sentiment analysis

AI Sentiment Analysis

workload base routing for salesforce

Workload-based Routing

ai powered actions

AI-powered actions

code free configuration

Code Free Configuration

automated prioritization

Automated Priorization

slack teams notification

Slack & Teams Notification

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“Easy to learn, easy to implement and, if we are ever in doubt, the support team jumps in and helps us to deliver. The best customer support in the industry.”

Tricia – Salesforce Administrator,
Global Media Company
q-assign - Assign any work item to the best available Salesforce user via intelligent rules and dynamic Plug-in Actions


From $21 per user per month

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What is Q-assign?

Q-assign is an advanced Salesforce-native app designed to automate work-assignment systems for cases, leads, opportunities, work orders, and more, using intelligent rules.

It uses attribute-based, workload-based, and availability-based routing combined with AI-driven algorithms and code-free configuration to assign work items to the best Salesforce user.

Any team using Salesforce for managing leads, cases, opportunities, work orders, or other custom objects can benefit from the intelligent assignment capabilities of Q-assign.

Key features include dynamic assignment rules, availability-based routing, account matching, automated reassignment, omni-channel routing, attribute-based routing, territory management, and AI-powered actions.

Yes, Q-assign offers customizable, code-free dynamic assignment rules that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different business units.

By ensuring tasks are assigned to the most suitable Salesforce user based on expertise, availability, and workload, Q-assign increases efficiency, effectiveness, and performance.

Rules for lead and opportunity assignment, advanced case assignment, work order assignment, and territory-based assignment can be implemented.

Pricing starts at $21 per user per month, with a minimum of 20 users. Volume pricing and discounts for nonprofits are available.

A free 30-day trial is offered, providing full access to all features of the product.

A bespoke demo tailored to specific use cases can be requested through the Ortoo website.