Q-assign: Automated Lead and Case Assignment for Salesforce

Auto-assign any Salesforce object to reps or agents

Q-assign uses dynamic assignment rules to assign Leads, Opportunities, Cases and custom Cases to the best available rep or agent. Analyze availability, capability and workload, then route assignments automatically – and intelligently


Q-assign delivers automated lead and case assignment to your Salesforce Enterprise. Q-assign is a native SFDC app which can intelligently route Leads, Opportunities, Cases or Tasks (or, in fact, any Salesforce object) to your best available rep or agent using sophisticated and automated assignment rules. Route tickets to agents via Load-balanced, Round Robin or points-based distribution. Score and match on load, agent availability, skill, product, language, territory or anything you like!



Distribute leads automatically and fairly to sales teams across the business. Move beyond rudimentary round robin assignment. Monitor the capabilities and workload of each rep. Analyze the attributes of each Lead, then match to the best available rep. Account for other factors, such as territory, zip code and language.

  • Match on location, skill-set or experience
  • Monitor availability and route accordingly
  • Score leads and prioritise
  • Balance workloads automatically
  • Auto-re-assign unattended leads

Route opportunities directly and automatically to your sales reps. Send high-value opportunities and those that are close to conversion to your very best reps. Match opportunities to reps based on their sales territory, knowledge and experience. Escalate and or re-assign opportunities which remain unattended for a specified period of time.

  • Prioritise high-value deals
  • Assign by territory or skills
  • Rank opportunities by scoring
  • Load-balance
  • Automatically escalate

Assign Cases to your best available customer service agents. Analyze the attributes of each incoming Case automatically, in a split second. Determine complexity, territory, language and urgency. Assess the availability, current workload and capabilities of each agent. Match Cases to agents accordingly.

  • Match on agent capability & experience
  • Factor in location & language
  • Monitor workload & availability
  • Prioritise SLA-bound Cases
  • Auto-re-assign and escalate complaints

Q-assign supports any Salesforce object, including custom objects. In addition to Leads, Opportunities and Cases, intelligently route Tasks, Contacts, Accounts, Events or other objects to sales reps, service agents and other Salesforce users. Use a simple round-robin or implement sophisticated assignment rules to match assignments to agents.

  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Events
  • Custom objects



If your Case object is already in use, create a custom case object and dynamically route custom cases to your best available agent or engineer. Route support requests to support agents in contact centers or distribute jobs to engineers in the field. Match by skill, capability or other agent attributes. Prioritize and escalate automatically.

  • Match on agent capability & experience
  • Factor in location & language
  • Monitor workload & availability
  • Prioritize SLA-bound Cases
  • Auto-re-assign and escalate complaints

Set up a helpdesk ticketing system for internal or external support. Establish an IT support desk, matching trouble tickets to support agents, according to workload, product knowledge or level of urgency. Or create a helpdesk offering support and advice to consumers or businesses. Match support requests using any configurable criteria.

  • Element 1
  • Element 2
  • Element 3

Q-assign can be deployed to automatically assign any custom object to any Salesforce user.  Route job applications or vacation requests to HR, assign vehicles to customers, send loan applications to financial consultants or insurance applications to sales reps. Assign anything to anyone.

  • Insurance applications
  • Real estate enquiries
  • Job applications
  • Trouble tickets
  • Mortgage applications
Once in a while you come across a solution that meets your exact needs, and does not cost a fortune. this is one of those few.  We were able to see immediate ROI after the first day of using this, in the form of man hours saved for lead allocation and management.
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Q-assign enables you to automatically assign Salesforce Leads, Cases, Opportunities, Contact, Accounts, Tasks and Events from a source queue or user to your best available agent or queue. Save valuable management time and get tickets to the right team member every time. Grow your sales pipeline by assigning leads and/or opportunities automatically, whilst they are still “hot”. Get customer cases routed to the right agent to get them resolved as quickly as possible and to boost your CSAT ratings.

Use intelligent assignment rules to match “tickets” to agents according to availability, workload, skill, experience, account ownership, time zone, country, territory, state, county, town, city, zip code or language. Or various other configurable criteria or a combination thereof. Increase throughput and conversion rates by routing tickets to the very best available agent.

Or, start with simple Round Robin distribution to assign leads, cases or tickets in turn. Then fine-tune and improve productivity, agent by agent, team by team.

Set up teams of users called Assignment Groups, each of which can have different sets of rules for automatic assignment. So, you can set up different teams with differing levels of experience, specific product knowledge, specific types of account or even different language capabilities, for a highly sophisticated ticketing system.

Automating exception handling reduces waiting times and frees up valuable management time. Re-assign Leads, Cases and Tickets if agents are sick, busy or otherwise unavailable. Automatically alert managers to exceptions and, in-so-doing, reduce bottlenecks & issues. Additionally, re-prioritize or re-queue ticket if target agent is engaged on a complex case, or if ticket is not processed within a fixed time-limit.

Q-assign enables managers to set and track KPI’s, and to constantly monitor data relating to individual agents or tickets. Statistics are updated in real-time and assignment rules can be adjusted to minimize time-to-assignment & time-to-first-activity in Salesforce. Increase overall productivity, conversion rates, revenues and CSAT ratings by continuously improving automated lead assignment rules and the overall level of sophistication.

Q-assign is a highly-scalable Enterprise solution.  There’s no limit on the number of rules, teams or team members that can be created and managed. Seamlessly assign thousands of leads, cases or helpdesk tickets each day with Q-assign.


Q-assign is available on a FREE 30 day trial. Just download and install it from the AppExchange. We’ll even help you configure it in your Salesforce instance, to address your specific use case, and with no obligation to buy.

Round-robin assignment

Ensures strict rotation of assignments. Load-balanced Assignment ensures ownership of new jobs to agents/reps with the lowest current workload.

Points-based assignment

Ensures jobs are assigned to those sales reps or agents who get the highest or lowest score from a configurable set of assignment rules.

Match by skill, location or experience

Automatically assign Cases, Leads & More based upon configurable assignment rules such as skill, experience, location or language.

Real-time phone assignments

For call centres, assign out leads and cases in real-time while agents are on the phone.

Set agreed quotas and caps

Control how many assignments per user per day/week/month and cap the number of active assignments per user.

Push or pull cases, leads or tickets

Push Leads, Cases or tickets out to users automatically, or allow them to Pull, or a mix of both.


Q-assign has multiple use cases, including the assignment of new leads and opportunities to sales reps, the allocation of customer cases to customer service agents, or the distribution of internal helpdesk tickets to nominated personnel.


Use Q-assign to scan incoming leads, or new and existing opportunities. Analyze each request, determine product category & sub-category, then match to sales reps according to capability, experience, skill-set, language or location.


Intelligently assign cases to customer service agents. Use round-robin or intelligent assignment rules. Score cases by complexity or load and match to agents according to capability and experience. Load-balance across agents and queues.


Scan internal IT tickets, sort by category (software versus hardware issue, OS versus application etc). Route tickets to IT helpdesk queue or queues, or match to individual agents based on skill, experience, location, language or product-type.


Use Q-assign in any helpdesk scenario to scan objects in Salesforce, and route tickets to agents or queues using intelligent assignment rules or round-robin distribution. Use it to manage either customer requests or internal (staff) requests, or both.