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31 Jul: The New Tools Helping Automate Salesforce

If you didn’t know by now – Salesforce is a big admirer of the powers of automation and AI. In this blog post we analyse the current beliefs Salesforce has on automation and look at some of the newly prescribed tools companies have that are helping automate Salesforce.

30 Apr: Does Your Salesforce Organisation Have A Plan For GDPR?

GDPR stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ and on the 25th May 2018 the regulatory framework which houses all the UK data protection laws is about to undergo a substantial overhaul. Data protection regulation was first introduced in 1990 and it’s safe to say with the emergence of the internet and modern CRM technologies the way companies use and stockpile personal data has changed dramatically

17 Apr: Building Tomorrows Salesforce Helpdesk Solution

Running a frictionless helpdesk is now a basic requirement for most firms, particularly those in technology or service-based fields. Customers now expect to be treated as individuals, to be kept up to date with any problems they have raised and for companies to tailor product solutions to their unique circumstances.

04 Apr: AppExchange Software For Small Businesses: Our Top 10

Salesforce is the Worlds most popular CRM and small businesses across the World are now turning to enterprise solutions like this to manage their data and information based processes. With this in mind we have put together a list of our favourite pieces of AppExchange software for small businesses.

27 Mar: The Many Examples of Salesforce Lead Assignment

Creating assignment rules in Salesforce is a straightforward process and having them active can positively impact the bottom line of the most successful sales team. That’s why we’ve collated examples of the most popular types of assignment rules, so you can learn how fellow organisations are managing their assignment processes.

13 Mar: Salesforce: Email to Lead

A strong lead generation program is an essential component of any growth strategy, and when the leads start rolling in you might be tempted to assume that you’re well on the way to achieving, or even over-achieving, your ambitious growth targets. But generating the leads is really only half the story. Leads need to be converted.

08 Mar: Beyond Round Robin: Intelligent Lead & Case Assignment in Salesforce

Q-assign is a powerful lead and case assignment app, native to the Salesforce CRM platform, which brings a whole new level of sophistication to automated object assignment.

20 Feb: A powerful and intelligent email automation solution for Salesforce

Email-to-anything (e2a) is a powerful and native application which has been developed by London-based Ortoo for the Salesforce CRM platform. E2a is a bit like Salesforce’s own Email to Case solution, but on steroids!

16 Feb: Email Distribution Lists In Salesforce, A New Beginning

Salesforce is a gamechanger for the way large organisations communicate and share data. There are so many positive case studies and with new functionality being added all the time it’s easy to think that after 10 years of development the CRM is the complete product.

05 Feb: My First Month With E2A

At Ortoo we believe in a collaborative approach, not just in the way we develop our products but also in the way we continually improve them after launch. That’s why we listen to as many perspectives as possible and regularly get our talented workforce to test new iterations of the application in action.