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28 Apr: Salesforce Email Integration for Standard and Custom Objects

With Email-to-anything, the 5-star-rated AppExchange app, you can integrate email with any standard or custom object in Salesforce. Supporting Outlook, Gmail, POP3 or any email client, Email-to-anything can create & update records automatically from emails, save email history against any record in any object, and also send emails from any Salesforce object

09 Apr: Lead Management In Salesforce

How you go about lead management in Salesforce is one of the most critical keys to success for any organization running on the Salesforce CRM. The speed and accuracy with which you create, distribute and respond to leads will effectively determine your conversion rates and, ultimately, your sales revenues.

08 Apr: Salesforce Outlook Integration Made Easy – No Plugin Required!

Integrating Outlook with Salesforce has never been easier – thanks to Email-to-anything, the top-rated AppExchange app. Receive emails directly in any Salesforce object. Send emails to distribution lists. Capture responses. Store and view historical email conversations. With Email-to-anything your Salesforce users need never leave their Salesforce UI again

06 Apr: Beyond Email to Case – Taking Case Management To The Next level In Salesforce

As a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, we are continually asked if there is a better solution than email to case and why should Salesforce admins take the time to configure email to case. This blog talks through the primary benefits of email to case and shows how organisations can take their existing configuration one step further

06 Jul: Leading credit score provider deploys Q-assign to manage peak workloads & shorten response times

This well-known company helps its clients to improve their credit scores and secure finance. They were struggling to manage the sheer volume of inbound enquiries and they needed a quick solution to turn their sales team into a high-performing and optimized team

06 Jul: Healthcare Software Provider Deploys Q-assign to Replace an Outdated Case Assignment System

This well-known software provider to the healthcare industry was growing rapidly and recognised that they needed to improve the customer service team’s manual assignment system in order to scale at the desired pace

02 Jul: How to Optimize Your Salesforce Assignment System

In more normal times, management teams might now be drafting in the experts to analyze the business, re-work the strategy and to set a new path to success for the coming years. But these are not normal times. Decisions need to made quickly

25 Jun: Managing Urgent Helpdesk Tickets In Salesforce

There are a growing number of organisations beginning to use Salesforce as a ticketing system for their helpdesk support requests. This makes a lot of sense in the fact that most company employees will have their own Salesforce login and the CRM platform will already hold a lot of useful information around customer accounts. Our latest blog aims to look at how Salesforce should be setup to effectively manage urgent & problem helpdesk tickets.

24 May: How To Reduce Lead Response Times In Salesforce

Organisations are realizing they need to reduce lead response times in Salesforce in order to supercharge their entire Sales workforce. The rewards of higher lead conversion rates are attainable for everyone, with Harvard Business Review recently reporting that you are 400 times more likely to convert a lead if you respond within the first 5 minutes. That’s a big difference!

12 Mar: Unlock The Potential Of Auto-Assigning Salesforce Tasks

One of the many advantages of Salesforce organisations is that the technology can drastically improve the organisation & work scheduling of its employees. This is especially true of the ‘Tasks’ component of Salesforce however working with a third party app can unlock the potential of lots of unique task assignment rules linked to your specific use case.

05 Mar: International Lead Assignment Rules: How & Why

Intelligent lead assignment for Salesforce organisations is already a big challenge for most firms

15 Feb: The Benefits Of Using Assignment Groups In Salesforce

One of the key pieces of functionality we hear Salesforce users become frustrated with is assignment groups. ‘Out of the box’ Salesforce does allow you to distribute leads to assignment groups (with the help of your administrator) but this is often done in a simple round robin format. A lot of businesses want more control & flexibility than that.

21 Jan: Why You Should Automatically Save Email History In Salesforce

When it comes to communication, clients & prospects love nothing more than businesses who know their account inside out and can respond to their queries in the given moment – without having to chase down details or call back. With this in mind, it’s crucial to automatically save your email history in Salesforce and to go one step further by logging emails to the appropriate Salesforce objects.

15 Jan: Reasons Why Your Salesforce Leads Might Not Convert

We all know that not responding to leads swiftly is one of the primary reasons why Salesforce leads don’t convert, in fact you are 60 times more likely to convert a lead if you respond within the first hour. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, but it should be a future goal of all ambitious businesses.

03 Dec: Salesforce Enables Better Digital Transformation

Digital transformation success is often a question of speed & implementation. Companies know how important technology is to their business, but can they evolve and apply the very latest digital platforms to better serve their customers quicker than the competition? This blog looks to answer that question and also showcases why CRM drives digital transformation & how Salesforce is currently leading the way.

19 Nov: What Skills Are Essential For Becoming A Salesforce Power User

With Salesforce looking to add an additional 3.3M jobs to the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022, the demand for talent has never been higher. More & more bright college graduates are looking to enter the space, and everyone is wondering how to become a Salesforce expert overnight. This post looks to explore the essential Salesforce skills which are required to become a Salesforce power user.

08 Oct: 3 Benefits Of Setting Escalation Rules In Salesforce

A busy Salesforce organisation often has thousands of Salesforce Cases which need attention, sometimes on a daily basis. With so much going on, employees may not have time to get to everything and important cases within Salesforce may be de-prioritised – or even worse, forgotten altogether. One clever automated solution to this problem is setting escalation rules in Salesforce.

01 Oct: The Benefits Of Scoring Inbound Salesforce Leads

If you have worked in Sales for some time, it should be no surprise that not all leads are created equal. Some leads are warmer than others, some need quicker response times and others have far more sales potential attached to them. With this in mind, there are many benefits of scoring inbound Salesforce leads and setting up lead scoring in SFDC.

31 Jul: The New Tools Helping Automate Salesforce

If you didn’t know by now – Salesforce is a big admirer of the powers of automation and AI. In this blog post we analyse the current beliefs Salesforce has on automation and look at some of the newly prescribed tools companies have that are helping automate Salesforce.

30 Apr: Does Your Salesforce Organisation Have A Plan For GDPR?

GDPR stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ and on the 25th May 2018 the regulatory framework which houses all the UK data protection laws is about to undergo a substantial overhaul. Data protection regulation was first introduced in 1990 and it’s safe to say with the emergence of the internet and modern CRM technologies the way companies use and stockpile personal data has changed dramatically

17 Apr: Building Tomorrows Salesforce Helpdesk Solution

Running a frictionless helpdesk is now a basic requirement for most firms, particularly those in technology or service-based fields. Customers now expect to be treated as individuals, to be kept up to date with any problems they have raised and for companies to tailor product solutions to their unique circumstances.

04 Apr: AppExchange Software For Small Businesses: Our Top 10

Salesforce is the Worlds most popular CRM and small businesses across the World are now turning to enterprise solutions like this to manage their data and information based processes. With this in mind we have put together a list of our favourite pieces of AppExchange software for small businesses.

27 Mar: The Many Examples of Salesforce Lead Assignment

Creating assignment rules in Salesforce is a straightforward process and having them active can positively impact the bottom line of the most successful sales team. That’s why we’ve collated examples of the most popular types of assignment rules, so you can learn how fellow organisations are managing their assignment processes.

13 Mar: Salesforce: Email to Lead

A strong lead generation program is an essential component of any growth strategy, and when the leads start rolling in you might be tempted to assume that you’re well on the way to achieving, or even over-achieving, your ambitious growth targets. But generating the leads is really only half the story. Leads need to be converted.

08 Mar: Beyond Round Robin: Intelligent Lead & Case Assignment in Salesforce

Q-assign is a powerful lead and case assignment app, native to the Salesforce CRM platform, which brings a whole new level of sophistication to automated object assignment.

20 Feb: A powerful and intelligent email automation solution for Salesforce

Email-to-anything (e2a) is a powerful and native application which has been developed by London-based Ortoo for the Salesforce CRM platform. E2a is a bit like Salesforce’s own Email to Case solution, but on steroids!

17 Jan: The Many Ways To Slice A Cake: Q-Assign

At Ortoo, not only do we take pride in the Salesforce applications we create, we also try to make them as universally accessible as possible. For all the companies out there that use the Salesforce CRM platform, the processes they have in place, and the structure of their teams, vary a great deal.

10 Nov: What’s in a name? Ortoo, the ancient messaging system

It won’t surprise you to know that we’re often asked where the name Ortoo comes from. Most people think an Ortoo is probably an animal of some kind, maybe a Dodo-type bird or perhaps a rare marsupial?

09 Nov: How To Choose An App From The Salesforce AppExchange

There are thousands of Salesforce apps available on the AppExchange, but how best to ensure you pick the right one for your business and your use case? Here’s a few tips on how to select the right app first time, every time.

07 Nov: Introducing Ortoo: The Salesforce Automation Specialist

Ortoo has been developing Salesforce automation solutions since 2010. In this inaugural blog, we’ll try to tell you a little bit about who we are, why we do what we do and what sets us apart from other developers.

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