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This well-known company helps its clients to improve their credit scores and secure finance. They were struggling to manage the sheer volume of inbound enquiries and they needed a quick solution to turn their sales team into a high-performing and optimized team. 

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To do this, they had to find a way to manage multiple enquiries from various sources – including new clients, existing clients, referrals, and high-value customers, to name but a few. 

To achieve this, they needed to overcome three specific challenges: 

The Challenges

(1) Agents struggling with peak workloads

The business was, first and foremost, struggling to optimize peak workloads, resulting in slow responses and missed opportunities. This was a particular problem when advertising campaigns were running, where enquires were higher than usual and quick resolution times were critical to success. 

Because it was a manual process, assigning leads to agents was time-consuming and it was difficult to factor in complexity, urgency and prioritization. This meant the team were battling unbalanced workloads, which for a large or growing business, was not an option. 

(2) Skilled agents not working on the right leads and opportunities

The second pain-point was that experienced agents were not dealing with opportunities that were best suited to their skill-set. Because of this, sales agents were often overloaded with simple but time-consuming leads, whilst hot and high-value leads were going cold in a queue. 

This ultimately created a barrier to maximizing productivity levels, as the leads were mismatched and misplaced rather than going to the right agent at the right time. 

(3) Poor customer experience

Finally, because of the manual process that lacked any formal processes, existing customers that were submitting cases were sitting in the same queue as new customers which, inevitably, was negatively impacting customer satisfaction ratings.

The Requirements

Understanding the client’s challenges helped our team to determine the key functional requirements that would underpin a fully automated solution. This included: 

  • Ease of administration to cut down on manual tasks that could be easily automated, allowing the team to gain back valuable time and resources
  • Ability to optimize the volume of assignments during peak workload times, so that they didn’t miss out on any high-value opportunities
  • Supporting a lead-scoring system to prioritize leads or assignments that were either high potential value or high risk. 

The Solution: Q-assign

The app that best suited this company’s requirements and solved all of their pain-points was Q-assign, our intelligent lead and case assignment app. 

Our POC (proof of concept) process quickly enabled them to visualize what they wanted to achieve (and prove that it was actually achievable) and rapid deployment, from POC to production, was successfully undertaken.

Using Q-assign, we implemented a system which factored in lead scoring, complexity, SLAs, whether it was an existing customer and many other factors, to build an intelligent and automated lead assignment system. This not only made their workloads more manageable, but it also helped them reach their quarterly target by optimizing peak traffic during advertising campaigns. 

We were also able to implement a “Follow Me” logic, which allowed enquiries from clients who had made contact previously to be routed to the same team member as before. This logic ensured that existing opportunities were getting recognised and prioritized quicker. 

Since implementing Q-assign, this client has grown significantly. By implementing a highly-scalable solution which had a low dependency on IT and Salesforce admins, the assignment process has scaled as the business has scaled, ensuring that workloads are always under control and high-value opportunities are never missed. The return on investment was almost immediate.

Q-assign is a hugely powerful lead & case assignment app, 100% native to Salesforce, which is transforming the fortunes of high-volume Sales and Service teams all around the world. To explore how your assignment system might be improved or optimized, please contact us at

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