Both of our apps, Email-to-anything and Q-assign, are available to download from the AppExchange, on a free trial, and with no obligation to buy
We have so much faith in our apps that we make them available to download for FREE, currently on a 60-day trial. This isn’t a cut-down version, it’s the real deal, the full version, with all of its features and capabilities. We are even happy – nay, delighted – to help you configure your chosen app (Q-assign or Email-to-anything – or even both) to meet your specific requirements. You’ll enjoy a zero risk “Proof of Concept” trial with absolutely no obligation to buy.  Our mission is a simple one: to help you achieve more with Salesforce than you currently are.


Initial chat

  • Discuss high-level use case & requirements
  • Product selection/fit
  • Pricing/Support indication

Product demo

  • See Q-assign and/or Email-to-anything in action
  • Deep-dive on pertinent features

Requirements gathering

  • Discovery call with key stakeholders
  • Capture full business requirements

Begin Trial

  • Download product from AppExchange
  • Install in sandbox environment

POC Configuration

  • Configuration to specific client needs
  • Hands-on support from Ortoo Solution Delivery team
  • Fine-tune configuration for maximum/optimum performance

POC Completion

  • End of trial


  • Agree pricing & support level
  • Exchange contracts


  • Start Customer Success program
  • Deploy to live production environment (fully supported)

Performance Reviews

  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Continuous improvement cycle


Once in a while you come across a solution that meets your exact needs, and does not cost a fortune. this is one of those few.  We were able to see immediate ROI after the first day of using this, in the form of man hours saved for lead allocation and management.
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