Email to Lead or Opportunity

Create Leads and Opportunities automatically from inbound emails. New enquiries typically enter organisations from a range of different sources, so it’s vital to transfer them to Salesforce as soon as possible. Our Salesforce email to lead app instantly creates leads and opportunities directly from the content contained within email messages.


Whether leads are a result of website forms or provided by an external third party, every email containing lead details can be processed and automatically used to pre-populate lead & opportunity fields within SFDC. Saving countless hours of administration time and ensuring leads are there to be responded to as soon as possible.


Hot Leads are Stuck in the System

When hot leads first enter an organisation, it’s imperative that they are processed, analysed and routed through to a visible location which enables reps to begin responding to that lead. Without the correct automation systems in place, leads can end up stuck in the system – often requiring the approval of a manager or to be manually assigned to the best representative for the task. The proficiency of the lead begins to decay the longer it is sat dormant and as more time passes the final response will begin to lose credibility.

Conversion Rates are Suffering

Lead conversion rates can fall for a multitude of reasons, but some of the most common reasons are that leads are not being responded to in the correct timeframe or that leads being unsuccessfully qualified and routed through to an ill-suited sales agent. When conversion rates are low, sales agents can fight harder for fresh opportunities and that can further reduce the closing of leads, as new opportunities are referred to the loudest agents rather than those best placed to help.

Custom Code is Hard to Manage

Automatically populating Leads & Opportunities improves efficiency and results in leads being handled at a quicker rate, yet custom code can be hard to maintain and is susceptible to breaking whenever modifications are made to the lead generation process. It only takes a few minor changes to forms or page templates for the whole automation system to come crashing down and for important details to not be transferred across to SFDC.


  • Structured Email to Lead
  • Unstructured Email to Lead
  • Emails auto-update fields
  • Reply to emails from SFDC
  • Full email history in SFDC
  • Ad-hoc Mass/Bulk email


Website inquiries

Loan applications

Real estate inquiries

Lead capture forms

Insurance inquiries

Leads from Lead brokers

Product inquiries

RFQ or RFP forms

Membership applications

What’s Your Use Case?

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