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Email-to-anything – Pricing

Email to anything delivers Email-to-lead and Email-to-case functionality to any Salesforce object. Move all your emails into Salesforce. The email to case premium+ email integration app.


Tailored to smaller businesses seeking reliable support with standard response times.

From $22

per user/month


Designed for mid-sized enterprises requiring expedited support and priority handling.

From $27

per user/month


Engineered for large organizations demanding 24/7 dedicated support and customization capabilities

From $29.50

per user/month

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing is available for larger teams and/or not for profit organizations.



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Support Levels

Response time

1 business-day response

4 business-hour response

24/7/365 response

30-day free trial

Email support

Billed annually

Phone support


Screen sharing


Supported Objects

Sync email to any Object (Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Work Orders, any standard object, any custom object)

Pre-Processing (Plug-in Actions)

Attachments – Ingest data from attachments

Data Mapping – Structure unstructured data in Salesforce

Auto-triage – Triage leads, cases, work-items automatically

Classification – Classify inbound items automatically

Enrichment – Auto-enrich inbound leads, cases or any record

Sentiment Analysis – Assess case sentiment prior to assignment

Processing (Plug-in Actions)

AI Actions – Execute AI-powered “next best action”

Deflection – Deflect inbound items to AI Chatbots or other channels

Notification – Notify any agent of any action or update

Escalation – Escalate any record automatically

Prioritization – Prioritize inbound work-items automatically

Assignment – Advanced assignment systems




Email Management

Ingest Emails – Append emails to any record/object

Send Emails – Send emails from any Object

Distribution Lists – Create email distribution lists in Salesforce

Email Templates – customize & launch from Salesforce

Draft emails – collaborate with colleagues/managers

Email History – View email conversations against any record

Active Listening – Listen to email replies. Capture them in Salesforce

Email-to-any-Object Functionality

Email-to-lead – Create, update and triage leads automatically

Email-to-lead – Create, update and triage leads automatically

Email-to-Opportunity – Create, update and triage opportunities

Email-to-Work-Order – Create, update and triage work-orders

Email-to-any-Object – Create, update and triage any Object

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We offer a free, no strings, 30-day trial. That’s the full product, with all features enabled

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