Email-to-anything adds intelligent email automation to any Salesforce object, including Leads, Cases & custom objects
  • Create Leads and Cases automatically from emails
  • Update any record automatically with new info
  • Store and view emails against all relevant records
  • Format, draft & send 1-2-1 or mass emails from Salesforce
  • Integrate email with any standard or customer object
  • Supports Outlook, Gmail, POP3 or any email client


Email-to-anything (e2a) adds intelligent email automation to Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM.  Email to Lead or Opportunity, email to Case (on steroids!) or email to any Salesforce object. With Email-to-anything you can automatically create Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Cases, Tasks or even custom objects from inbound emails or web forms.

Email-to-anything enables you to send, forward or cc emails to any object in Salesforce, including custom objects. These can be emails sent directly from a customer, supplier or staff member, or emails which are automatically received upon submission of a web form.

Once E2A has sent an email to an object in Salesforce, a new record can be automatically created. So it can be used to automatically create Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Contacts, Tasks or any custom object. Primary use cases include Email to Lead and Email to Case (like Salesforce’s built-in Email to Case, only much more sophisticated).

Email-to-anything can be used to create tickets for any helpdesk scenario, for example IT tickets or Facilities tickets. An IT helpdesk can use it to send cases to a custom object in Salesforce (e.g. IT Tickets), and then all tickets received can be assigned out to individuals or queues directly from Salesforce.

Email-to-anything’s advanced email client can send emails from within any Salesforce record or object. Any responses can be automatically matched to the original record, and conversations stored accordingly.

A unique thread ID ensures inbound & outbound emails relating to a specific record are stored as conversations against that record, so the entire history of communication with a given Contact, or relating to a specific Case, can be viewed (and acted upon) by any permitted Salesforce user.

Where a new record is not required, Leads, Cases or tickets can be matched to existing records. Emails might contain fresh data which enables empty fields within an existing record to be populated, or existing information to be updated with fresh data.

Best Customer Service EVER. Not only is e2a a lifesaver with our custom Service object, but ORTOO’s customer service is OUTSTANDING! They literally go above and beyond every single time. They help me troubleshoot issues all the time, some of which fall outside of app functionality and relate more to our instance. They are an incredibly valuable partner to have!

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Email-to-anything is available on a FREE 30 day trial. Just download and install it from the AppExchange. We’ll even help you configure E2A in your Salesforce instance, to address your specific use case, and with no obligation to buy.


Email to Lead

Email to Lead allows you to auto-forward leads and sales inquiries, from inbound emails or web forms, to Salesforce. Automatically create Leads or Opportunities in the Lead or Opportunity object, then automatically assign them to sales reps, sales teams or queues. Email to anything ensures leads are processed as soon as they are received, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Email to Case

Email to anything is like Email to Case on steroids. Auto-forward customer requests to the Cases object in Salesforce. If the contact already exists, e2a logs the request as a new case against that contact or account. If it doesn’t exist, e2a creates a new contact & case. Agents can reply to cases from within SFDC. e2a shortens the time to resolution and helps improve customer satisfaction ratings.

Create IT Tickets

Receive internal IT requests to a specific mailbox and auto-forward them to your custom “IT Tickets” object in Salesforce. Create the tickets automatically and assign them to an appropriate agent or queue. Store email conversations directly against the relevant record. e2a enables tickets to be assigned instantaneously, meaning a decreased time to resolution, less downtime and higher productivity.

Any Help Desk

Automatically create tickets from emails (or web forms) for any help desk scenario. Forward or CC emails to any object in Salesforce, including custom objects. Auto-forward or redirect web forms. Use Email to anything to handle external (customer) or internal (staff) requests. Pair Email to anything with its sister app Q-assign, to enable the intelligent assignment of leads, cases and help desk tickets.

Save valuable time and money.

Automatically create records in Salesforce, including leads, opportunities and cases, eliminating the need for the manual, labor-intensive, record creation.


Reduce costly manual errors.

Clever rules automatically extract data from inbound emails & populate specific fields within SFDC records, ensuring they are kept up to date.

Boost customer satisfaction.

Process cases more quickly due to automatic case creation. Also update and close down cases automatically, further reducing resolution times.

Grow your sales pipeline & revenue.

Create Salesforce leads and opportunities much more quickly, enabling your sales teams to deal with them whilst they are still “hot”, thereby maximizing throughput.


Improve your conversion rates.

Empower your sales teams by embedding email history directly into SFDC records – enabling sales people to assess and respond to opportunities more quickly.


Increase workforce productivity.

Improve collaboration and overall productivity. View draft emails directly within Salesforce and share drafts with other users for preliminary feedback or approval.