Email to Any Salesforce Object

Automatically create records in any Salesforce object from emails, including custom objects. Save countless hours of administration time, as Salesforce objects are automatically populated from inbound emails. Salesforce fields can be auto-populated by automatically extracting useful information from email headlines, body text & email senders.


It’s well documented that Email to Case is one of the most used features in the Salesforce ecosystem, however users now need this technology for much broader scope. Our Salesforce email automation technology works in a similar fashion, but now gives users the option to also auto-update custom objects, opportunities, leads and in fact any Salesforce record – directly from email.


Objects lack Email to Case functionality

As with all ‘out of the box’ setups, Salesforce objects are currently lacking the same functionality as Email to Case. Salesforce users therefore have to undergo the timely process of keeping objects regularly up to date, with the latest status information. If new information comes in via email, it can be a while before objects are updated with the latest details and during that time anyone using the information in those objects & records is potentially using outdated information which isn’t relevant anymore.

Lack of integration to email services

A lot of Salesforce email integration is lacking, both in terms of the available email vendors & also the new functionality programmes like Email to Case enable. Any Salesforce email automation needs to be robust and work across the many potential email clients organisations may use. Functionality should also look to make life easier for the users of Salesforce, reducing admin where necessary & also enabling users to populate as many fields in Salesforce as possible to create a better overall system for organisations.

Case object already in use

‘Case Object Already In Use’ is a common problem when trying to optimise a Salesforce email integration and setup varying levels of email automation. Our solution enables users to update existing Salesforce records from email, either by overwriting elements of the existing record or by simply placing new, timestamped information into the existing record. This stops the errors which organisations may be experiencing when using automation to update pre-populated case objects & helps streamline the overall process.


  • Like Email2Case but better
  • Create any object from emails
  • Update any field from emails
  • Point & click configuration
  • Add email services to all objects
  • Match keywords using REGEX
  • Match emails to existing records


Secondary Case object

Supplier support requests

Job applications

IT support tickets

Press enquiries

Internal trouble tickets

What’s Your Use Case?

Every use case is different and we’d love to hear about yours. Tell us what Salesforce challenges you are experiencing and, ultimately, what you’d like to achieve and we’ll see if we can’t help you craft a rock-solid solution.