Email to Custom Case, Support Request or Ticket

Replicate Email-to-Case functionality in custom Case or request objects. Use the content of inbound emails to auto-populate various custom case or request objects, reducing the reliance on manual upkeep and ensuring new support tickets & requests are created as soon as a new email lands.


Our Email-to-Case Salesforce app can be used for all your custom object needs and is the perfect solution for utilising email to case for multiple objects. It’s inbuilt system can identify duplicates and directly within SFDC you can review full email histories, as well as reply directly to emails from within the platform.


Internal & external support requests

When new support requests come in they are typically associated with an established client or customer. In order to streamline this process, it can make sense for new support requests to be placed against bespoke custom cases or existing custom cases – rather than assigning to a brand-new case. Without this option, it’s more likely that information will have to duplicated at a later date and there is more potential for important details to go missing, as support requests continue to be saved in multiple locations.

Only one Case object is available

Organisations utilising Email-to-Case typically want more control over the fields they can populate, with the ideal setup being to utilise email to case, but for any object. Managers often wonder how to assign to custom case objects and are frequently met with errors when only one case object is available. An enterprise class app for Email-to-Case functionality can open the door to populating a wider range of custom case fields and objects.

Need to auto-create all support requests

When dealing with customer support requests, time is of the essence. Organisations don’t have time to manually create each and every support request, instead they need to focus on getting back to the customer or stakeholder and setting expectations. A solution which automates the creation of all support requests based on initial emails or helpdesk tickets can be extremely impactful, but with the ‘out of the box’ Salesforce functionality it can be almost impossible to insert data into chosen custom objects and custom case fields.


  • Email to custom Case
  • Auto-create supplier requests
  • Auto-create support tickets
  • Inbuilt logic flags duplicates
  • Emails auto-update any field
  • Reply to emails from SFDC
  • Full email history in SFDC
  • Ad-hoc Mass/Bulk email


Secondary Case object

Supplier support requests

Job applications

IT support tickets

Press enquiries

Internal trouble tickets

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