Email-to-case but for any object

Just like Email-to-Case but better, and for any object, including custom objects. Map any email data to any object field

Email-to-Lead / Opportunity

Create new leads or opportunities from emails, and automatically attach each subsequent email

Email-to any object

Create new records in any object from emails. Automatically attach email conversations to the correct record, for any object

Email History / Conversations

Keep all your emails in Salesforce - right against the relevant objects e.g. lead, opportunity, contact, account, custom objects

Duplicate prevention

Add emails to the correct object and record, rather than creating new duplicate records

Advanced Email Editor

Send emails directly from within Salesforce using e2a's advanced email editor,  with drafts, distribution lists, advanced contact search, and much more

Email drafts

Save and retrieve draft emails within Salesforce. Share draft emails with other users. Get draft email's reviewed by someone else, all from within Salesforce

100% Native

100% native Salesforce application

Easy + Excellent Support

Easy to set up and to use. We are always there to help you, including setup. Full online guides. See our 5* reviews


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