We’re Sponsoring Dreamforce 2019

Ortoo, the developer of Salesforce productivity apps for high-performance teams, is delighted to announce it will be sponsoring Dreamforce, to be held in San Francisco from Tuesday November 19th to Friday November 22nd Ortoo will be showcasing its two five-star-rated apps, Q-assign and Email-to-anything, both of which are helping to transform the fortunes of large and fast-growing Enterprises across the globe.

Fancy A Meet Up?

If you are interested in transforming the performance of your Sales or Support team, by facilitating faster response times and higher conversion rates, please drop us a line. We can either meet up in San Francisco or, if you prefer, we can have a chat prior to Dreamforce. Or both, of course. All you need to do is fill out the form below.

Our 5-star Rated Salesforce Apps


  • Dynamically assign Leads, Cases or other Salesforce work-items, in real-time.
  • Reduce response times by automatically routing work-items to qualified and available agents, factoring in shift-patterns, workloads, urgency and importance.
  • Improve conversion rates by routing the right work-item to the best-qualified agent at the right time


  • Automatically create Salesforce Leads, Tasks, Cases and custom cases from inbound emails. Update Salesforce objects with data from website form submissions.
  • Capture, store and view email conversations against any Contact or Lead.
  • Format and send emails, including mass emails, from any Salesforce object