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How To Reduce Lead Response Times In Salesforce

Organisations are realizing they need to reduce lead response times in Salesforce in order to supercharge their entire Sales workforce. The rewards of higher lead conversion rates are attainable for everyone, with Harvard Business Review recently reporting that you are 400 times more likely to convert a lead if you respond within the first 5 minutes. That’s a big difference!


Reasons Why Your Salesforce Leads Might Not Convert

We all know that not responding to leads swiftly is one of the primary reasons why Salesforce leads don’t convert, in fact you are 60 times more likely to convert a lead if you respond within the first hour. Sometimes this isn’t always possible, but it should be a future goal of all ambitious businesses.

benefits of scoring inbound salesforce leads

The Benefits Of Scoring Inbound Salesforce Leads

If you have worked in Sales for some time, it should be no surprise that not all leads are created equal. Some leads are warmer than others, some need quicker response times and others have far more sales potential attached to them. With this in mind, there are many benefits of scoring inbound Salesforce leads and setting up lead scoring in SFDC.

Understanding Salesforce Assignment Rules

The Many Ways To Slice A Cake: Q-Assign

At Ortoo, not only do we take pride in the Salesforce applications we create, we also try to make them as universally accessible as possible. For all the companies out there that use the Salesforce CRM platform, the processes they have in place, and the structure of their teams, vary a great deal.