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These must-have Sales Cloud apps, available from the Salesforce AppExchange, will help speed up your sales process

Sales teams love to do what they are good at and what they’re rewarded for – selling. Out-of-the-box, Salesforce Sales Cloud is the leading platform for enabling your enterprise sales team to work in a fully joined up way and close deals faster. However, beyond the Sales Cloud’s core functionality, there are a number of must-have apps, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, that will allow you to accelerate your sales cycle.

From lead generation to lead conversion to signed contract, here’s our pick of the apps that will help you drive deals to Closed Won – faster.

Sales Prospecting with Salesbolt

Prospect research can be pretty time intensive. In almost every case, LinkedIn is the most up to date information source on individuals and the companies they work for. The problem is, how do you bring all that great sales intel into Salesforce in the form of Lead or Contacts and Accounts, but without the heavy lifting of creating those records by hand?  This is where Salesbolt comes in. With the Chrome extension installed, just create relevant prospect records, populated with the data you need, all in one click and without leaving your browser.

Lead Assignment with Q-assign

Speed-to-Lead is critical when it comes to sales success – your prospect’s interest in your product is peak right at the time they send in that enquiry. Don’t leave them hanging.

The problem is, who gets to work on that Lead can be complicated – your sales reps’ location, language, skill set, product knowledge, availability or any other factor may be relevant. There may even be a combination of all of these factors to consider. Consideration takes time, and all the while your Lead is getting colder.

The advanced Lead assignment app, Q-assign, fixes this. By reviewing every Lead the instant it is created, the app leverages your pre-determined logic to make the assignment decision in seconds and get your Sales process off to a flying start.

Email Management with Email-to-anything

Searching through your email conversations is a real time-suck. If your Sales team are still switching between their email and Salesforce all day long, then there has to be a better way, and there is.

Email-to-anything is a huge productivity booster. By bringing email conversations directly into Salesforce, along with intelligent parsing of the email content, your reps will have all the information they need, at their fingertips.

The result? All that time-intensive effort gets taken away from your sales team; they get to focus on closing deals, not finding emails.

Quote creation with Formstack

Sales professionals love closing deals. They do not love creating documents. Who does? Instead, use the Salesforce data you already have to do the work for you, transforming your Opportunities directly into documents, all ready for e-signature. The time-saving potential is high and so is the impact on your close rate. Formstack is a great platform for just this use case.

Summing up

Choosing the right Salesforce automation apps will reduce friction and take away admin – something that will be welcomed by your Sales team with open arms. They will focus on what they love, and your deal velocity will increase.

Want to be more effective on Salesforce?

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