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Salesforce Outlook Integration Made Easy – No Plugin Required!

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Salesforce Outlook integration has never been easier – thanks to Email-to-anything, the top-rated AppExchange app. Receive emails directly in any Salesforce object. Send emails to distribution lists. Capture responses. Store and view historical email conversations. With Email-to-anything your Salesforce users need never leave their Salesforce UI again.

The Productivity Problem

Salesforce users are a funny breed. They are a creature of habit. They like to send emails from Outlook. They like to update contact info in their CRM. They constantly switch between the two, all day long. The problem is, this can be hugely unproductive. A Salesforce user who is working in a non-integrated environment is hamstrung. If they want to assess the status of a lead, case or contact and then send a follow-up email, then they have to do everything in a specific order:

  1. Look up relevant record in Salesforce
  2. Assess the situation
  3. Take some notes
  4. Switch to Outlook
  5. Compile email (whilst referencing notes)
  6. Switch to Salesforce to continue work
  7. Switch to Outlook to look for response
  8. Etc, etc

Not only is this user wasting time switching between applications, they are also constantly losing their line of thought. Their line of thought is being constantly interrupted, and so everything they do takes more time than it should.

Wouldn’t it be great if a user (be they a sales person, a customer service rep – or any other user for that matter) could send an email from Salesforce, watch replies comes into Salesforce and store and view entire conversations in Salesforce – including attachments – without having to switch to Outlook at any point?

Well now they can.

Salesforce Outlook Integration

Integrating Outlook with Salesforce is as easy as installing Email-to-anything. Email-to-anything, the top-rated AppExchange app, integrates Outlook with any Salesforce object. A rep or service agent can draft a fully formatted email in Salesforce, from any object, using the advanced email editor which is built into Email-to-anything. They can send the email to any Lead or Contact in the database.

Salesforce Distribution Lists

With Email-to-anything you can also create distribution lists. Whether it is a bunch of sales prospects that have shared attributes, or perhaps a group of contacts who all have the same job title or status, you can create a distribution list and send them all an email, from Salesforce, at the touch of a button.

Diverting Emails to Salesforce

This is the really clever bit. Email replies are routed back into your Salesforce instance and all email conversations are captured and stored in situ. So if you sent an email to a Lead (prospective customer) and they reply to that email, then both your initial email and the response can be seen instantly against the relevant lead record in Salesforce.

Or, if a service agent is sending an email to a customer who recently opened a case, they can send that email directly from the Case record, and any reply will come straight back into the case object.  In fact, the reply will attach itself to the very same case record the email was initially associated with.

Creating New leads and Cases from Emails

There are numerous use cases for Email-to-anything, but two of the most popular are “Email to Lead” and “Email to Case”. As we’ve already discussed, when an email is sent to a Salesforce object the first thing Email-to-anything does is to look for a match. i.e. Does this Lead, Opportunity, Case or Contact already exist? If yes, then the record is updated accordingly. But, if no, then a new record is instantly created. So if it is a new lead or opportunity it can be instantly assigned to a sales rep to be dealt with immediately. If it’s a new case, it can be routed to an appropriate agent.

Goodbye Duplicate Salesforce Records

The magic is done via a unique thread ID. This means that any received email can be easily matched to an existing record (e.g. Lead, Opportunity, Case, Contact etc). A new Lead or Case will only be created if it is a brand new enquiry which is not associated with an existing one. So that ever-present problem of duplicate records can be consigned to the trash bun forever.

Ortoo’s 5-star-rated app, Email-to-anything, is an intelligent email automation app which is 100% native to Salesforce. You can learn more here or take a look at it on the AppExchange, where it’s available to download on a 30-day trial.

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