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Apps to Supercharge Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)

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These must-have apps will power up Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot) and improve both productivity and performance

There is no question, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE) is a very powerful tool for marketers. This fully integrated Salesforce marketing automation solution ticks off the requirements wish list of every B2B organization. Forms, landing pages, consent management, segmentation, automation rules, scoring, grading, plus (the jewel in the crown) Engagement Studio – the real question is how can modern marketers work without these solutions.

But, and there’s always a but, there are a couple of gaps that are truly worth addressing. The fact is that with a little functionality enhancement in the form of a number of hardworking apps, you have the opportunity to significantly extend the capabilities of the MCAE and unlock even more marketing value.

Let’s take a look


Move over forms, the Chatbots are coming.

While forms (or form handlers) have long been a mainstay as a conversion point for your website visitors, they are pretty static in nature. For organisations that understand the power of actual real-interaction with web visitors at the point they are most interested, e.g. on your website, Chatbots are the way to go.

Chatbot solution Qualified has taken this one step further, taking all those dynamic conversations into a tight integration with Pardot. As the name suggests, this Chatbot zeroes in on your website visitors that are qualified to speak with Sales, triggered by specific activity across your Pardot assets, e.g. landing pages, forms, campaigns etc. Sales reps can now see exactly what the prospect is interacting with and even invite them to join a meeting there and then to answer questions and find out more about their requirements.

MQL Automation

Assigning MQLs is a thorny issue for Account Engagement marketeers. Once a prospect has been qualified in MCAE, assigned and a Lead created in Salesforce, from then on, Salesforce owns the assignment.

The problem is, in the world of B2B marketing in particular, you may want to reassign a prospect a new owner in Salesforce.

For example;

An MQL been left unattended in the Lead queue for too long – time to reassign to a rep with capacity.

An existing MQL shown interest in a different product – time to assign them to a new product specialist.

Right now, there is no way of setting up any automation in MCAE to trigger this action.

That’s where intelligent assignment app Q-Assign steps up. With an easy-to-use editor, you can set up assignment rules in Salesforce to match your sales and marketing process. The possibilities are endless; MQLs can be assigned or reassigned off the back of any data that exists in Salesforce. You can even vary the assignment logic per Campaign.

Data Cleansing

MCAE is great when it comes to data creation. However, keeping that data up to date? Not so much.

The rate of data decay has been quoted as high as 22.5% every year (, and that was before the great resignation plus recent seismic shifts in the tech job market.

If you want to make sure your email bounce rate is not trending ever upwards, then you’ll need a plan to stay on top of these updates.

Help is at hand though with data augmentation platforms that match your CRM data against their up-to-date business intelligence. With for example, you can review all the changes in bulk or as they happen, and accept them as you see fit.

salesforce email management

Capturing email replies

Question. Why do you send Prospects emails?
Answer: To engage them.

And what is a clearer sign of engagement than a reply to your email? The problem is, MCAE has no functionality to record email replies in Salesforce. In fact, it’s not even possible to report that there was a reply at all, only whether the email was sent, opened or clicked.

Email management app, Email-to-anything, provides the additional functionality needed to bridge the gap. Replies to MCAE emails are synced directly back to the Lead or Contact record in Salesforce. This data can be synced back to the Prospect record to trigger relevant automated event, e.g. a score uplift, enrolment in an engagement program, or a follow up email to link to a meeting booking calendar etc.


Of course, there are many more apps out there to extend and enhance the functionality of MCAE. The more you tailor your marketing platform, the more streamlined your process. If you find yourself using manual workarounds, it’s time to ask yourself, is there a way that this could be done more efficiently? The answer will always be yes, and the solution will be ready and waiting for you on the AppExchange.

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