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The Benefits Of Scoring Inbound Salesforce Leads

If you have worked in Sales for some time, it should be no surprise that not all leads are created equal. Some leads are warmer than others, some need quicker response times and others have far more sales potential attached to them. With this in mind, there are many benefits of scoring inbound Salesforce leads and setting up lead scoring in SFDC is something many forward-thinking companies are trying to perfect.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of lead scoring, it’s actually quite simple. Firstly, a company will create pre-defined lead scoring criteria which can be applied to all of the inbound leads which enter the organisation. The lead scoring criteria may be automatically set from whichever technology the company is using (ie. Salesforce) or it could be custom made and configured manually into that technology. The objective is for the organisation to be able to quantify the value or potential of new leads before anyone in the Sales team contacts them. Usually points are awarded to each lead and an overall score is visible to each of the sales team members. Examples of several lead scoring formulas which can be configured in Salesforce CRM are:

  • What product or service a lead is specifically interested in
  • The perceived intent to buy
  • Size & stature of the interested party
  • Perceived timeframe of the new opportunity

With the emergence of new technologies, most lead scoring is now undertaken by sophisticated software which is highly adaptable. Team members do however need to agree beforehand on exactly what’s important to their Sales Teams and what lead scoring formulas should the software work to.

Improving The Effectiveness Of Salesforce Teams With Lead Scoring

So, what are the benefits of scoring inbound Salesforce leads? It’s clear there are numerous advantages, some of which help the organisation and others assist service users or boost the sales teams productivity.  Let’s take a look at some of them:

Improved Lead Conversion Rates – this is a big one. Organisations who have a lead scoring programme in place more often than not report better conversion rates than their peers who are not utilising lead scoring. This is because the leads which are most lucrative and most likely to convert are prepared for comprehensively. By giving leads an overall score, team members can prioritise the opportunities in their list and give greater attention to the Salesforce leads which are closer to the point of conversion.

Lead Categorisation – by setting up lead scoring in SFDC it enables all leads to have an overall score or status. With this score, Salesforce leads can be categorised differently based on where they are in the purchasing funnel. Some leads may be categorised as ‘ready to be contacted’ however others which aren’t ready to purchase a service may be categorised as ‘ready to be nurtured’. This enables a different business process to commence, depending on the lead scoring assessment.

Greater Insight For Team Members – Another key benefit of scoring inbound Salesforce leads is that team members have more data at their fingertips. The lead scoring software will have completed its initial assessment of the opportunity and can provide valuable insights into where that lead is positioned in the overall purchasing journey. With this information sales teams can tactically adapt how they contact different leads and how they initialise their conversations. This can lead to greater confidence across the sales team and can enable them to build up a better rapport with new prospective businesses.

Improved Time Management – in sales teams, time is a precious commodity. By setting up lead scoring in SFDC, new opportunities are effectively scored and prioritised in terms of there sales potential. This means employees can focus on the opportunities which are most pressing and more likely to convert. Without setting lead scoring criteria in Salesforce, all inbound leads effectively merge into one and team members won’t have a clear plan on which opportunities they should start contacting. In this instance, valuable time is often wasted contacting leads which were never likely to convert whilst the ‘hotter’ leads go unanswered.

At Ortoo we are big believers in the power of lead scoring and have seen first-hand the increased capabilities it provides to Salesforce organisations Worldwide. In fact, our Q-assign Salesforce app has lead scoring technology built directly into its ecosystem. With Q-assign you can distribute inbound leads to the best suited team member, based on a selection of highly configurable variables. Why not take a look at the full feature set?


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