Availability, Shift-patterns & Out of Office Management

Easily manage presence, shift patterns, calendar availability and OOO for all team members. Employee availability is always shifting due to planned leave, unforeseen circumstances & rota changes. Managing lead distribution must also adapt based on who is available during that given moment and may have to operate completely differently the next week depending on who is available for that specific trading period.


Our shift management app is plugged into all team members available shift patterns and understands their calendar and out of office requirements. It can ‘see’ who is available across multiple territories and business functions, distributing leads to not only the most appropriate agent but also the person who is ready to respond during that working day.


Agents not always on shift/available

When agents are out of office or just about to finish a shift, it doesn’t make commercial sense to send them new cases or sales leads. Simply because they will only get chance to digest what is being requested when they are back on shift, which could be days or potentially weeks – all of which significantly elongates the final response time. Managing shift patterns in Salesforce is essential for routing new cases to agents who have the availability to respond immediately to new requests and also helps ensure agent ques do not build up, as new cases aren’t added during periods of inactivity.

OOO and days off are hard to track

Out of office days are notoriously hard to track and monitor, particularly if an agent is only missing for a short period of time. When someone is OOO the assignment process needs to adapt, to maintain an even distribution of leads goes only to the contacts who are ready to help but also that cases requiring urgent attention are not assigned to agents who are away from the business. Manually anticipating OOO changes can be a frustrating endeavour, which is also easy to overlook. Therefore automated assignment rules which are synced to employees calendars are certainly the way to go.

Follow-the-sun routing causing disconnects

For organisations spanning multiple geographies, it can be challenging ensuring real-time case & lead assignment takes into consideration the amount of hours left in the agents current working day. If there are agents available in multiple territories, it makes sense to begin the process of automatically assigning more leads to the territory who has been online for the shortest amount of time, whilst phasing out the agents whose working day will soon be coming to a close. Our follow-the-sun routing also works in-conjunction with a multitude of other assignment rules, allowing for highly configurable control.


  • Route to best available agent
  • Point & click assignment rules
  • Business hours function
  • Automatic shift management
  • Real-time agent availability
  • Manual override at agent or
    manager level


Multi-national service desks

Shift based field engineers

Multi-territory sales organizations

“Follow the sun” assignment

Multi-language helpdesks

Business critical 24/7/365 support

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