Automatically Create or Update Contacts from Emails

Automatically detect and create missing contacts in SFDC from inbound emails. Use automation to detect whether contact information in email is already stored in Salesforce, if not the Salesforce contact object can be automatically populated with the appropriate information contained within the email. Contact name, email, job title, contact number fields and much more can all be utilised to create Salesforce contacts automatically.


Additionally, any contacts which are saved in email programmes like Outlook can still be useful contacts to keep in SFDC. Here we can migrate contacts from outlook to Salesforce, reducing the need for lots of hours assigned to manual contact creation.


Contacts in Outlook rather than SFDC

When organisations are new to Salesforce they still have a lot of contacts positioned within their Outlook accounts which haven’t been replicated in SFDC. This is usually down to time restraints or occasionally they simply don’t realise how many contacts they have liaised with over the years, via email. This can result in lost opportunity further down the line and can mean some important business contacts are lost forever, the safest way to mitigate these risks is to automatically migrate all outlook contacts to Salesforce in one clean swoop.

Manual contact creation from emails

Each time a new contact is introduced to the organisation via email, an employee will have to complete the manual process of creating the new contact from scratch within Salesforce. This can be a time consuming process, particularly if the organisation gets a large number of emails from new contacts each day. Additionally, it may not be clear whose role this is within the team and agents or reps may disregard these admin types of tasks, as they focus more on their core responsibilities. Fully automating this process is what our Salesforce contact app looks to achieve.

Workload delays contact creation

Without the correct contacts saved in SFDC, workload delays can become all too often. Certain business functions may need certain contacts setting up to be able to carry out basic tasks and internal agents may also not be able to properly complete their assigned tasks, as they worry about leaving important contacts out of their decision making & workflows. The quickest way to ensure Salesforce contacts are up to date, is to automate as much of the process as possible which also reduces the manual contact creation needed in Salesforce & gives existing agents more confidence in the data they work with.


  • Send emails to Contact object
  • Auto-create new Contacts
  • Auto-update with new info
  • Store email against Contact
  • Inbuilt logic flags duplicates
  • Reply to contact from SFDC
  • Auto-link contact to account


Auto-create new customers

Auto-create new employees

Auto-update when staff leave

Auto-create new suppliers

Auto-create new prospects

Auto-update any contact

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