Automatically Capture Any New & Missing Salesforce Contacts

Salesforce is only as powerful as the data contained within the platform. This is especially true for keeping your salesforce contacts up to date and well maintained. If your sales team work across high volumes of new business leads and accounts, but only a portion of your recognised contacts are saved within the CRM then your effectiveness to impress at all organisational levels is greatly reduced. Having the ability to sync new email contacts with Salesforce is critical to success and there are some obvious reasons why big enterprise firms use automation to refine their saved contacts:

  • By keeping saved Salesforce contacts correctly categorised, everyone in the business understands the status of each contact. This ensure contacts only receive information that is relevant for them.
  • In today’s market people regularly move jobs, often leaving without telling third-party partners. If contacts are not regularly refreshed, it’s possible you can lose all the saved contacts for a firm when people move on – as a safety net you should always automatically create new contacts if they are missing from Salesforce.
  • People’s work information (job titles, telephone numbers) also change. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching out to key external people using poorly construed data, it has the potential to make you look unprofessional. If you are not syncing email contacts with Salesforce, then you are missing out on an important layer of automation which can help update existing contact records with the freshest data available.


How Can We Capture Salesforce Contacts Automatically?

One of the best methods for ensuring your Salesforce contacts are in the best possible shape, is to capture Salesforce contacts automatically from incoming email. At Ortoo we are huge believers in the power of automation and most organisations don’t realise the sheer amount of valuable CRM data that is contained within their incoming mail. Alternatively, those who are aware that they should be adding key information into Salesforce may simply not have the time – that’s where automation and automatic email capture for Salesforce come in.

Our automation application Email-to-Anything is a one stop shop for intelligently & contextually understanding incoming email content. Any useful content within emails we can locate and pinpoint, information is then routed through to the appropriate Salesforce records and automatically updated. Thus, saving lots of time on manual administration and reducing the risk of human error. For Salesforce contacts this works extremely well, our software can detect a whole host of useful data points regarding specific individuals and then automatically update Salesforce contact records with the following:

  • Contact Name
  • Job Title
  • Business Division
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Even birthdays, employee assistants, lead sources & more.

Automatic email capture for new salesforce contacts is usually much better than its manual equivalent. Employees tend to insert just the basics when entering new contacts into Salesforce whereas using the power of automation ensures any information deemed relevant in email copy is automatically populated into Salesforce. It also ensures your contact database within the organisation grows at a much quicker rate, as you can automatically create new contacts if they are missing from Salesforce CRM. Lots of organisations fail to add wider contacts into their CRM if the account already has a lead contact, this is both short-sighted and leaves the firm exposed if the lead contact cannot be called upon or changes roles. By syncing new email contacts with Salesforce, you start to build more comprehensive contact structures for the key companies you work with – further down the line this becomes incredibly useful for cross-selling services and developing accounts further.


If you are not happy with the quality of data associated with your Salesforce contacts, why not give Email-to-Anything a try? Not only does it remove the laborious need to manually create new contacts, it also intelligently updates existing contacts with any fresh information contained within incoming emails. You’ll be surprised at just how much extra detail is embedded into you Salesforce contacts and the best bit is you didn’t even need to lift a finger!


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