In a busy sales team, bottlenecks can develop very quickly.  Where inbound lead volume is high,  leads can get stuck in a queue, waiting for their allocated sales rep to finish processing the previous lead (or the one before that). But slow lead response times can kill any sales team.  Leads go cold quickly and if they are not responded to in a timely manner the potential for conversion will reduce dramatically.

In a high performance sales team, dynamic assignment rules are used to constantly check on queue times and agent workload. Q-assign can be configured to automatically re-assign any lead which has been waiting for X minutes – or even X seconds.  So, when an agent becomes overloaded, any leads stacking up in his or her queue can be automatically re-assigned to available agents.  Where there are multiple available agents, Q-assign can match the lead to the best-qualified agent, based on configurable lead and agent attributes.

By minimizing queue times, and therefore response times, lead throughput can be maintained, productivity optimized and overall team performance maximized.

How To Build a High Performance Sales Team in Salesforce

8 Steps to Re-building a high performance Sales team on Salesforce (in 30 days)

Part 1 – Assign leads automatically in Salesforce
Shorten response times, increase productivity & performance, reduce manual tasks

Part 2 – Score, rank & prioritize hot leads
Assign most valuable leads to best available reps to maximize conversions

Part 3 – Automate load-balancing
Optimize team productivity and improve performance by balancing workloads automatically

Part 4 – Assign leads to logged-in reps only
Assign only to available agents to increase throughput and overall performance

Part 5 – Eliminate cherry-picking by sales reps
Pick up incremental revenue & boost team-performance, by stopping reps from cherry-picking

Part 6 – Re-assign untended leads waiting in queues
Leads go cold. Assign untended leads to available reps & shorten response times

Part 7 – Auto-match leads to reps by skill-set & experience
Increase conversion rates, throughput & performance by matching lead attributes to rep capabilities

Part 8 – Reduce & simplify lead assignment rules
Empower managers, break the dependency on IT, reduce Salesforce overheads


Ortoo develops workforce productivity apps for the Salesforce CRM platform. We are passionate about helping Salesforce organizations to achieve more with less. To that end, our apps are designed to help eliminate manual tasks, to empower managers, to enable teams and to reduce their depency on IT departments. 

Most importantly, our apps enable Sales and Service teams to increase throughput, productivity and performance by intelligently creating & updating work-items (e.g. Leads and Cases) and assigning them to the very best available Salesforce user at a given moment in time.

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