Automatic Re-assignment and Escalation

Re-assign or escalate unactioned or at-risk leads or cases automatically. Organisations know that responding to customers quickly is an essential business practice but many don’t know how to automate escalations in Salesforce. By having automated escalations in place, when a lead isn’t being serviced in the appropriate time it is immediately re-assigned to a different Salesforce user who is more able to help at that given moment.


 Similarly, the opportunity exists to escalate urgent Salesforce cases if a case isn’t being closed in the required time or if a more experienced member of the team needs to deal with a specific case. Automatic escalation helps protect Salesforce businesses and adds an extra layer of organisation to workflows, by ensuring there is a second chance for cases which haven’t been dealt with swiftly enough.


Agent already overloaded with cases

Most agents don’t have an even schedule of work and there are often peak times of the day or season which are busier than others. If a new lead unluckily lands in a que at precisely the wrong moment, then there is a risk that the lead may be de-prioritised or that it won’t get looked at – until the other leads in the que are dispatched first. Here we can automatically re-assign Salesforce leads depending on the time taken to respond, ensuring that busy agents don’t miss fresh leads and that they are re-distributed to agents with less demanding workloads.

SLA-bound case is stuck in a que

Too often Salesforce leads are distributed on a timestamp or first come first basis. This can mean that business-critical or SLA bound leads are stuck behind less important opportunities, within ever growing queuing systems. Automatic escalation can be configured for all SLA bound cases, helping you escalate urgent Salesforce cases as soon as they enter the Salesforce platform. This significantly boosts response time for important customers and makes it easier to hit any agreed SLA targets which may be in place.

Hot lead is stuck with an inexperienced rep

Not all leads are created equal, and it’s often the case that you want your best sales representative dealing with your most promising new business opportunities. Leads with high potential value or which are closer to the point of purchase often provide the most value to the business, it’s then essential that these opportunities are diverted to the sales agent with the best chance of closing them. Opportunities can be assigned based on the available sales agents track records and also the commercial details concerning the size of the potential opportunity.


  • Auto-rank by urgency
  • Auto-detect important cases
  • Set max queue time for SLAs
  • Re-assign cases or leads to pool
  • Re-assign SLAs to free agents
  • Escalate urgent cases
  • Mark over-loaded reps or
    agents as unavailable


Re-assign customers cases

Re-route trouble tickets

Re-prioritise Opportunities

Re-distribute sales Leads

Escalate SLA-bound cases

Escalate urgent requests

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