Assign Leads to Dedicated Account Managers, Engineers or Virtual Teams

Dynamically assign Cases or Leads to designated agents or virtual teams. When certain leads come into a business they occasionally have dedicated support, depending on the nature of the query & whether the lead is from an existing or new customer organisation. The same is true in customer services environments, when as a business you should be looking to assign new customer support requests to their designated account manager.


In these types of situations, it’s crucial to assign leads to the teams and contacts the end user is expecting to liaise with. When there is a designated customer support model in place, the chosen account manager is going to have a more thorough understanding of the clients history, problems & also how they like to do business. Therefore it’s crucial that these leads by-pass the uninformed and go straight to to the contacts most likely to achieve success.


Assign to dedicated agent when possible

It takes time to build a strong customer relationship, and making sure customers regularly speak to their designated contacts or account managers is imperative. When there are multiple contacts who can deal with a lead, it’s imperative to survey the available options and select the contact who already has a relationship or agreement with that customer. Our Salesforce app offers dedicated support functionality, whereby each employee has a unique data profile allowing our application to route leads based on their recent service history.

Assign to backup user or team if unavailable

When routing Salesforce leads, sometimes the best person or team isn’t always available. In these situations you have the ability to assign leads to backup users or backup teams. This acts as an extra safety net during the assignment process and ensures leads or cases are still routed to individuals who can handle the request. If the correct teams are not currently available, the last thing you need is for important queries to be routed to individuals in an organisation who can’t physically help the customer. 

Factor in user workloads and SLAs

Many customers may have agreed SLAs and contractual commitments in which they receive a certain level of support in a pre-agreed timeframe. If this is the case, it’s critical that new cases for priority customers are routed through to the correct support team first time. Multiple rules can be setup, so that depending on the customers query, the case or lead could be routed to any number of destinations or teams. Cases can be assigned to designated account managers; or if it’s something more technical, then field engineers or support teams may be able to offer the swiftest solution.


  • Define dedicated support agents
  • Define backup users per account
  • Virtual 7x24x365 support teams
  • Create dynamic rules
  • Define re-assignment rules
  • Prioritise SLA assignments


Route to field engineer

Route to account manager

Assign to named sales rep

Assign to service agent

Match by agent skillset

Assign to IT support specialist

What’s Your Use Case?

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