AppExchange Software For Small Businesses: Our Top 10

Running a small business is tough and there seems to be an ever-growing list of demands on capital and resources. A lot of SMEs are looking to harness today’s technology to improve efficiency and reduce the time spent on back office functions, yet a high percentage of firms are still feeling overwhelmed. Salesforce is the Worlds most popular CRM and small businesses across the World are now turning to enterprise solutions like this to manage their data and information based processes. With this in mind we have put together a list of our favourite pieces of AppExchange software for small businesses – to make sure everyone is getting the most out of the platform.

#1 Evernote

Most are probably already familiar with the popular note taking application Evernote, as it’s been readily available on IOS & Android devices for some time. The big story here though is that the company now create ‘Evernote For Salesforce’ which offers seamless integration with the platform and is even lightning ready. This Salesforce app is perfect for small business owners, as it removes the need for paper notes and because messages are digitally saved they become much more secure and also searchable. You can use the app purely for your own use or set it up so notes & documents can be shared with additional Salesforce users.

#2 Salesforce 1

Small business owners typically have to be across a multitude of projects and are constantly on the go. Therefore, this handy application created by Salesforce is ideal for SMEs. Salesforce 1 is a mobile application which is linked to your main Salesforce account, in it you can get status updates of all your projects and see important business information as it changes. For those who need to send messages, manage their team and review the latest numbers directly from their smartphones Salesforce 1 is essential.

#3 Social Studio

Social Media Marketing is often relied heavily upon by newer businesses as a cheaper channel to communicate with their audiences. Social Studio plugs directly into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and allows users to schedule and plan social media campaigns. There is also a social listening element to the app which monitors the conversations taking place on owned social media platforms, so you can see which topics are most relevant to your followers.

AppExchange-software-for-small-businesses#4 Go To Meeting

Without question one of the best Salesforce applications for small businesses is Go To Meeting. Meetings are a crucial part of business and particularly pivotal for sales teams, yet in today’s climate always being there in person isn’t always on option. With Go To Meeting you can host VOIP calls, video conferencing and screen sharing abilities with internal or external stakeholders with just a few clicks. Enabling you to make the most of your time, cut down travel and still offer a personal touch when liaising with contacts.

#5 Qualtrics

This is one of the best pieces of AppExchange software for small businesses, as it puts client centric knowledge back into the hands of decision makers. With Qualtrics you create non-intrusive surveys which are sent to customers post-sale. Surveys can be setup to be fully automated and are an accessible way to get useful opinions and insights for customers which may secure additional sales in the future.

#6 Taskray

Is another incredibly popular AppExchange app and it’s perfect for SMEs who need to respond to customers’ needs quickly. The Taskray application is an automated project management app which looks to delegate various projects and tasks to team members in the most logical way possible. It’s built on the Salesforce App Cloud and users can build standardised or unique tasklists which are then distributed and recorded to make sure what’s important gets done.

#7 Conga Composer

This really is a time saver. Conga Composer is effectively hooked up to all your Salesforce data and uses that information to make instant client-ready reports on a range of topics. In a matter of seconds, you can have insightful proposals, contracts, invoices and client reports ready to go. All the documentation is styled in a professional manner and because it’s using accurate data stored within Salesforce mathematical errors are less likely to occur.

#8 DocuSign

DocuSign has been around for a while, but it now works directly within Salesforce CRM. If you haven’t used it before it lets users digitally sign documents and sends files swiftly back to senders once they have been signed. It removes the need for faxing, scanning & picking up hard copies of documents – saving lots of time and simplifying the sign-off process for the businesses who use it.

#9 Rescue Time

This is another useful Salesforce app for small businesses and lets Salesforce users see exactly what they are spending their valuable time on. The application works in the background and automatically monitors which platforms a user spends most of their working day on. It tracks all websites and mobile applications and can then generate reports based on the activity in your working day. This is incredibly useful for visualising which areas have your full attention and also pinpointing websites which are drains on productivity and should most likely be blocked.

#10 Concur Small Businesses

Our final app is also available to download from the Salesforce AppExchange and again can create useful productivity gains for small businesses. The app can fully automate expenses reporting, saving you countless hours of having to trawl through receipt, invoice and travel information. It’s fully connected to your smartphone which means in real-time you can capture receipts, book flights and submit expenses with all the information stored in the application for a later date.


We hope you enjoyed our top 10 Salesforce apps for small businesses and wish you all the best in your quest for increased productivity and time management. There is a whole World of applications for you to explore in the Salesforce AppExchange and you can also find out more about the Email-to-Anything and Q-Assign apps we create here at Ortoo.